Your Move - Episode 90

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a Mynorca, an acronym in reverse for one of the game titles we covered on the current episode. So the list of titles includes: Age of Steam, Chicago Express, Vexation, or Railways of the World.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Age of Steam could stand for

A Gas Engine   Oft Fails    Steam Tuned Engines Always Manage

One entry per person. Pick a title and have at it! We'll do a random drawing from all the entries below and the winner will receive a set of highly coveted Spiel dice!  Have fun. It's your move!


Avoid Gasoline!  Every

Old Fashioned

Steam Train Excites Aging Men 

Crayon Lacking Episode? Oh, Please! All Train Rivals Appreciate Some Crayon Action! But Out Of Style Evidently...

Again giving examples, obstensibly for summoning the elusive accolade. Mynorca!

Venom eats Xavier,Antman Tells Iron man Of Neuroses.

Red and indigo...long wars and years spent opposing forces.  They hurt each win or resentful loss...Depressing.

Victor's ever-present xenophobia angered thugs in our neighbourhood

Age Of Steam

An Generation Enjoying Our Fun Styleish Entertainment About Meeples


thats my first shot at this thing


but im far behine im just on episode 11