iPhone Dice Rolling App

I remember hearing about an iPhone app that rolls dice. (Just got an iPod touch) Dave talked about it a long time ago. The app store is not very good at looking for such a general thing. Any ideas are greatly apreciated.




I have seen several...

  • -Dice Bag (I got this one)
  • -Mach Dice
  • -Dice 3d
  • -Dice Roller
  • -dynamicDICE: RPG Dice Simulator 
  • -and the Dicenomicon

Lots of others too depending if you want it for RPG's, or just board gaming. If it is for board gaming, be sure to look up the Board Game Geek app and the Score app by Ryan Christianson. (BGG app is great for tracking the games you play/own on the BGG website, but is easy to use.)  I got Score also quickly add game scores for various games, and to support Ryan since the BGG app is free.


Mach Dice is nice. 

Hey, nice rhyme!

We have mentioned it on the show and I bought a copy for Francie's iPhone.

Some of my rpg pals have Dicenomicon and it works very well, too, especially if you do rpgs.


That dicenomicon is awesome! Thanks for the suggestion.