You are hereEpisode 60: GenCon 2008

Episode 60: GenCon 2008

60: GenCon 2008

Release Date: August 18, 2008

Running Time:   84 min.

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Spiel on! The greatest four days in gaming... right in our back yard. In addition to interviews and reports from the Spiel-a-thon, we invite three other Spielers to a round table discussion about the convention.

Game Companies Interviewed:  Ape Games, Asmodee Editions, Devir, Dwarven Sweatshop, Geek Chic, Gryphon Forge, Z-Man Games & THE Settler of Catan.

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

GenCon 2008 Interviews

Ape Games | Link

We talk with Kevin G. Nunn designer of Duck! Duck! Go! Custom rubber duck bathtub racing at its finest. Design your own set of ducks here.

Asmodee Editions | Link

We demo Jamaica and preview Okko, Senji, and the new edition of Formula De.

Devir | Link

Devir specializes in Spanish language games. They are testing the waters with two titles translated into English: Espana 1936 and Castellers.

Dwarven Sweatshop | Link

Custom hand crafted dice trays in over 20,000 configurations!

Geek Chic | Link

Get rid of the plywood and sawhorses and bring your hobby out of the basement. The gigantic Sultan Game Table is a work of art and a practical playing surface for almost any type of game.

Gryphon Forge | Link

The first title from Gryphon is Wizard's Gambit, a card game pitting players against each other in a contest to complete spells.

THE Settler of Catan | Link

We visit with the most famous resident of Germany's hexagonal island empire.

Z-Man Games | Link

We talk to the Z-Man himself, Zev Shlasinger, about upcoming titles including Wasabi, Agricola, Tales of Arabian Nights, Ubongo Extreme and Ubongo Duel.

2008 Spiel-a-thon

The event was a resounding success. Several hundred people attended and (we hope) had a great time. We gave away nearly 80 game prizes and raised over $700 for The Spiel Foundation! Special thanks to Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games for hosting the Spiel-a-thon and to our prize sponsors: North Star Games, Z-Man Games,, Paizo Publishing, Simply Fun, Playroom Entertainment, Out of the Box, GMT Games, Q-Worskshops Dice, and The Game Preserve. Here is a link to pictures from John Richard

Special thanks to Darren Hron, Brian Looker, and Mark Taylor for participating in the round-table discussion.

And congratulations to Darren and Hannah on their engagement! It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of the moment.

joeyhemlock's picture

Are fuzzy dice in that truck a given?

That would be a fun series, and not just for gamers. Make sure it includes a trip to Canada for Crokinole. I seem to remember that someone not long ago made a movie about Crokinole, focusing on the championships. Aaaaaaaaand thanks to Google, i see that the movie was called, shockingly, Crokinole.

sconway's picture

Yep, crokinole for sure would be on my list (how many lists can one gamer have?).

And fuzzy dice are a given.

I've been mulling this idea for a while now and if I could just get my head above water (from rebuilding the padded cell, to finishing some freelance gigs, to hosting a film festival at the end of Sept.), I'd really like to get the Spiel video and this series idea mapped out in detail  and be ready to pursue them next year.

J Moody's picture

The old truck made me start thinking about what vehicle would be most game related, but aside from trains, tanks, and race cars I couldn't come up with anything.

joeyhemlock's picture

Well, he's looking for classic regional games played throughout the country, so he needs a classic American car. It is about games, remember, and what does every game need? A challenger.


Clearly the answer is the 1970 Dodge Challenger. And he can give it to me when he's done. Or he could use one of the new Dodge Challengers, which he can also give to me when he's done.

sconway's picture

We are podcasters, too. So how about the Pontiac Rambler?

And what's all this about you getting the car? I think you have to sign on for the tour as a grease monkey (what would the gamer equivalent be? a meeple stacker?)  before we even talk about driving privileges!

xofour's picture

As previously mentioned there have been tons of travel documentaries based around food.  And,  I have seen weirder, but less interesting things on public broadcasting.   But you will need the perfect car for your vehicle (if you will pardon the pun)  The rambler is clever & classy, but will it haul the games?

Wait need a different vehicle for each game.

Formula De   --- Formula !

Lost cities --- land rover

cheapass games --- AMC Gremlin

Settlers of cataan --- Covered wagon

Sure it might get expensive, but how cool would it be?

Dwarven Sweatshoppe's picture

Yes the gaming table was AWESOME!, though sadly we did not build it. Any other wooden gaming accessories we can build for you!

Hi! I 've just joined up to after listening to your GenCon Part 1 show. Great job and really interesting interviews! I'm in Europe, but I'm going to try and plan a trip for this next year. Now I'm just going to click on the Part 2 to see how much better it can get! Keep up the good work guys - it really is well put together. I hope I can add more comments in the future (along with a paypal donation and T-shirt purchase ;-). See you soon!

sconway's picture

Thanks a bunch, Marco.

Always glad to welcome a new listener here at Spiel Central. I hope we'll see more comments (perhaps even a contest guess?) from you in the future. :)

Since we have been at this for a while, there are a lot of back episodes you can have fun with as well. I know that's always part of the fun for me when I find a new podcast I that really resonates with me.

Where are you in Europe? Always fun to know where our listeners call home. We have quite a few Spielers listening in Europe. You might have some fellow game players right down the road, you never know.

Spiel on!


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