Your Move - Episode 86

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a Mynorca, an acronym in reverse for one of the game titles we covered on the current episode. So the list of titles includes: Long Shot and Tulipmania 1637

Allow me to demonstrate.

Tulipmania could stand for

Troubled Uncles Like Ice Picks Mainly And Need Igloos Anon

One entry per person. Pick a title and have at it! We'll do a random drawing from all the entries below and the winner will receive a set of newly minted, highly coveted Spiel dice!  Have fun. It's your move!


Letting Old Non-Gamers Spiel Heavily On-Time

Timmy's Uncle Likes Idaho Potatoes Mashed Around November In Aspen.

Luck Or Nifty Gambling 

See Horses On Track

Lots Of Nags, Generally Short Handlers, On Track.

nice- my favorite so far 

Canadian organization that saves old worn out tulips from glue factory:

 LONG SHOT - Liberators of Northern Griegii Scarlett Hageri O'Hara Tulipa



Lucky Oaf Nabs Gold -- Spends Hoard on Tulips

 Very good!


I Did One!



This Usually Leaves Incognizant People Mystified, Asking, "Nicholson Is Alright?"


Long Shot

Larry's Office Needs Glue, So He Offs Them.



The Underlying Lessons In Perusing Mackay Are Not Immediately Apparent