Episode 30 Connection Contest: Filthy Rich & Liar's Dice

Can YOU find the mystery connection between Filthy Rich and Liar's Dice?

Post your guesses here and you could win a set of custom Spiel dice!

Guess as many times as you like. If no one finds our mystery connection, we'll award the dice to the guess we think is the most creative.

Spiel on!



Jumping on a connection made a couple times above: I thought there were only 4 dice in Filthy Rich (fuzzy memory)? You do, however, get 5 cards dealt to you at the beginning of the game.

And of course, you do get 5 dice at the beginning in Liar's Dice. Although I usually only have 2 left after the first round.

This connection was brought to you by the number 5.

Also, both games can involve player elimination. If you can't pay all your taxes in Filthy Rich, you are out, and of course... Liar's Dice is all about knocking everyone else out.

And finally, let's face it...pirates like to plunder, therby becoming Filthy Rich...and in the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie, they played a variation of Liar's Dice. So obviously, you guys are pirate fans, and were trying to subliminally promote Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End in the podcast.

Yes- I really am a Brit (live near to Oxford) though I travel to Indy a couple of times a year on business.
Beer in the Slippery Noodle in September ?

We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games

I figured you must have been here before since you knew Garfield Park!

That would be great to meet up when you're in town. We'll buy the first round. Send us an email when the time draws near to remind us.

This one's easy. Both games come from designers named Richard whose last name is the same as a character from books/TV/movies (all three in both cases): Garfield and Borg.

Or maybe the point is that Richard Garfield was repurposing some old MtG supplies (card sleeves, d10s) he had sitting around when he designed Filthy Rich and Richard Borg was repurposing some old dice and cups he had lying dirty on the kitchen counter when he put together Liar's Dice.

Tim in Greenville

First thing that jumped out at me after just reading the synopsis of the show (I haven't had the chance to listen yet).

Each game gives a special ability to one just face of a die.

In Filthy Rich - Rolling a Zero on the 10 sided die causes taxes to be owed.

In Liar's Dice - A 1 (or the star side) is either considered wild, or can be used for it's own special type of bid depending on the version of the game you play.

The other thing I noticed was that both Richard Borg and Richard Garfield contributed games to the Stonehenge project coming out this year.

My only guess is that both games start out with 5 dice.
Hopefully, Dave was the one thinking of this connection. :)

Dustin in New Rochelle

I thought of 3 connections while listening on the way in to work this AM:
- both games involve covering up playing pieces (the dice in LD, other billboards in FR)
- both games were published by companies that are now part of Hasbro (Milton Bradley for LD, WotC for FR)
- both games, as I see Dustin noted, involve 5 dice.

Ok - my first comment is that I really have to get my hands on that filthy rich game. It sounds fantastic. (That's English for Awesome, by the way)

So, my connections.
The first one that sprang to mind was the "Richard" link. Both designed by Richards who both coincidentally are involved in the Stonehenge Anthology (over which I am salivating, too).

Also, both games are based on standard gaming accessories in the cupboard of any OCD. (Dice and plastic card holders)

Now, I'm sure that it can't be that simple. And this would not be a Steerpike post without some lateral thinking. (That's English for not thinking at all)

Stab in the dark - - Both games are loosely based on TV programs. Liar's Dice is "Call my Bluff" and Filthy Rich is the seminal alternative comedy sitcom "Filthy Rich and Catflap".
(Did you get that in the USA ? It was by the same group who did "The Young Ones")

Or is it that both games have part of someones Christian name embedded in the title
Filthy Rich = RichARD
Liar's Dice = iaN
Surely that beats the lame "units of measure" connection last week ?

ooh - hold on, do both games have a connection with what I can win ? Either Spiel DICE or RICHes beyond my wildest dreams ? (Or FILTHY socks) ?

I'll go away and think some more.

We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games

Oh sure, Steerpike, be nasty about the connection I guessed last show :(. (That's English for, "be that way!") Anyway, I see you and I (and some other folks) agree on the Richard of it all, not to mention the repurposing of ordinary gaming objects. Let me say, though, that I have only owned a single clear card page in my life, and I gave it away.

I did actually consider the Rich thing (but never even thought about Ian). I was trying to decide whether Andrew Dice Clay's real middle name was Richard.

My current thinking lies with Dave's comment about the "evil" connection. Can this be a clue? A red herring? A mere chance statment?

Tim in Greenville


hey Tim, I was not casting aspersions on you for the lame connection. Just the evil podcasters that set the challenge. And anyway, I am a red headed step daughter and therefore an oppressed minority on the Spiel so don't pick on me :-)

More conncetions.
Dave and Steven are "Filthy Rich" from all the donations to the podcast. When they deny this they are "Liars".

Too obvious ?
Ok - let's try word association. Filthy Rich was designed by Richard Garfield. Garfield is a cat. "Cats Cradle" was written by Kurt Vonnegut (may he rest in peace) who also wrote "Slaughterhouse 5" - a novel about the carpet bombing of Dresden during WWII. Which leads me to "Pass the Bomb", a game which appeared on the sommelier list with "Liars Dice". Connection made, now send me those dice !

Wasn't Kurt Vonnegut a Hoosier too ?

Hey - that's it, you evil twisted fiends.
The connection is Indianapolis !!
Richard Garfield = GARFIELD Park (in Indianpolis)
Richard Borg = BORG-Warner Trophy (prize for winning the Indy 500)

Cracked it !!!!!

We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games

I was too slow! I want to be the first posting a connection:

1) Both games are in the "Back Shelf Spotlight" in the Episode 30 (i'll try to propose this connection all the weeks from now ... I'm quite sure it will be right one day!)

2) I think that both games use usual accessories for a specific task included in the mechanics of the game and not just as optional accessories

3) Both games names use 11 characters, including the white space and the '

good play!

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GREAT guesses everyone! Keep it up. Still plenty of time left...

Steerpike, are you sure you're really in England? From Borg Warner to Garfield Park is awesome. You seem to know alot about Indianapolis for a Brit!

And to answer your question, yes, Kurt Vonnegut was born and raised right here in Indianapolis. In fact the city has been celebrating his work and life all year long: "The Year of Vonnegut."

As a graduate student at Butler University, I met him. He and John Updike came to give a talk for the whole community but they met with our graduate writing class the day before the event. It was a remarkable experience. I can remember my mother pointing me toward his books when I was young and becoming interested in writing. "See, there's a man who is from here and people all over the world read his books."

So it goes.