Kick-a-nole, anyone?

Our 12th annual Formula De tournament is this Saturday. To determine starting positions, we invent a new game, usually involving a physical challenge of some sort. This year, we present...

Kick-a-nole.  Crokinole on my front lawn using kickballs!

Here's a link to a few pics of the board we built today.


That's awesome, although based on scale it looks like Dave might be winding up a bit much for that kick!

 This is a great idea.  Did you come up with this yourself?  The rules you twit'ed were:

 time trial to set positions for the tournament. 4 kicks, add pts, last ball 2x, penalty pts every sec over 10.

I've got to try this out.  Only downside is you need a large lawn surface.  

Makes me wonder what other boardgames could be made into "lawn" games. 



Kick-a-nole is a Spiel original as far as I know.

I pitched the idea of Crokinole with kickballs to Dave back in January and we've been refining it ever since. The rules as stated above are for the mini-game we used as the time trials for our Formula De tournament. Each player had three attempts. The timer started at the first kick and stopped after the last ball came to rest. Points were scored based on the area of the board for each ball. The last ball counted double *if* it was kicked off an opposing color ball (just like Crokinole). For every second over 10, your score was reduced by 1 point. This modified version was meant to allow all 20+ players to complete in a short amount of time. There's absolutely no reason, two teams couldn't play a real version of Crokinole with 12 balls on each side. If I had space for 24 kickballs, I would probably give it a go! As it stands, I'll try to round up two more red balls and go 3 on 3.

Here's a video of Spieler Derek Jung on one of his Kick-a-nole attempts!