Origins 2009 Meet-Up

Origins is almost here and I wanted to remind folks we are having a meet-up for dinner/drinks at Barley's Brewing Company on Friday night at 6:30.

Here's a map  Since it is right across the street from the convention center, we'll meet at the restaurant at the specified time.

One small hitch. Though I was told earlier they take reservations, they do not take them at this location. I found this out last Friday when I tried to make reservations.

At this point, rather than try to change the plan, we'll just make do and hope we can cram as many Spielers together in one party as we can. Tentative head count is 10. If you are interested in joining the dinner plan, let me know. Worst case scenario, we can always mosey down the street to another place if Barley's can't accommodate us.

Looking forward to a fun time! See you all soon.



Well, I was going to respond to your tweet about getting ready to go, but you don't follow me back so there's no point in that. Instead, I am coming over here to wish you a safe trip and lots of gaming! I won't be around this year to give you a rematch at Caylus, but I'm sure you can get into plenty of trouble! 

Have fun and enjoy both the games and the company of Spielers, I'll miss you all but hopefully next year I'll have the time off!

-- Joe

Sorry I won't see you this weekend, but hopefully I'll see you at BGG Con later in the year?

I am kind of a spaz about forgetting to follow people on Twitter. Then again, I have also found that sometimes I click follow only to find out weeks later that it didn't save my settings.

Yeah, the sacrifice of vacation time this year was to take my mother on a trip around Mother's Day. While it was fun and I'll be seeing her again soon, I don't expect to be cooped up with her for a solid week overseas again next year. :)

I'll be at Essen and at BGG.CON both. So you should see me there. Not sure if I'll be doing the Spielathon or not yet (so many games so little time even with three plus days!! :) ), but I definitely want to pick up a game or two with BOTH of you!

Have fun!

-- Joe

What a turnout! We had over 20 people show up initially for the Spiel dinner at Barleys. It was so crowded and the wait was going to be so long, we decided to move to an alternate venue. Thanks to Samuel Williams for arranging a plan at Max & Erma's around the corner on the fly! We were seated in the banquet room together at one big table. We had a great chat, did some recording (stay tuned to the next show to hear everyone's contributions), and I got some great feedback about what we are doing right and what we can do better with the show.

It was a blast and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

My only regret is that I am a dumbass and forgot to take a picture of the group (even though I had my nice camera sitting in a bag at my feet) Sigh. If anyone took pictures and I did not notice, please feel free to post them or send me copies via email.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. We'll definitely do it again next year and hopefully I can find a place that will honor reservations so we don't have to change restaurants at the last minute!