fantastic timing

Okay due to work & family obligations, I had to postpone my listening to the spiel for a bit of time.  Gut today I had a hold day worth of chores & an mp3 burning a hole in my player.  So I started messing with the lawn mower catching up on the spiel.  wow pandemic spiel des jahres  how cool is it that a game I know is in the nominees...oh not an original thought...still way cool.  Wait another second..what was that...the dice are on the way out??? how cool is that.  I wonder when I will get them...  So I listen further & do my chores.  Then my wife comes home with the mail.  I've got a manilla envelope...oh my goodness I think not daring to get excited.  then   it's got a spiel return adress.  I know I opened my knife, but the rest is kind of a blur I remember regaining consciousness staring lovingly at 2 of the most beautiful dice I have ever seen.  they are blueish? being color blind I am trusting blue)  marbled with gold veins flowing throughout.  There is a big 'ol meeple outlined in gold on one and "Speil on" outlined in gold on t 'other.    The pips gleeming out begging for a test drive.  I was so entranced I almost missed the personalized not & the fluffy cloudlike cotton they were resting on.  My first test roll was  4 & a 3.  don't know what it means, but these dice are definately taking fist place for Rum & Pirates to start with...and I have incentivel...3 more spiel dice & I have a liars dice set.


Whoops sorry.  My handicap is showing through.  according to my wife they are purple not blue.  either way they are marbled and cool looking.


Glad the new dice meet with your seal of approval!

Hopefully with a few more contest wins, you can get a game of Liar's dice going.