Proposal: The Spiel Foundation (Convention) Challenge

 I have plan to attend three conventions this year (including BGG con).  The other two are regional, but I expect over 100  different gamers between the two.  It occurred to me that it Dave and Stephen shouldn't have all the fun of raising money for The Spiel Foundation.  So, with their blessing, I hope to be an "agent" for The Spiel Foundation, and solicit donations at both conventions.  Possibly I might do something "contest wise" like they did the the Spiel-a-thon.

Then it occurred to me there have to be a 100 conventions like the regional ones I'm going to. Maybe we can get others to do the same, so each convention has at least one person working to raise money for the Foundation.  In fact, perhaps something could be done to find a prize for the agent or convention that raises the most easy year.  Or maybe someone could come up with some way to make it a game rather than a simple contest.

So what does the Foundation board say to having free-lance agents raising money on it's behalf?

What about the idea of a fund raising contest?

David "Mr. Megawatt" Corbin


Cool idea, David.

I am wary of biting off more than we can chew, so my thought would be to roll something like this out slowly as we get more organized. Right now, I'm running in place trying to keep up with one Spiel-a-thon! Let me talk it over with Dave and others and see which way to proceed.

The last thing I want to do is turn away volunteers to the cause, so for now it's just a matter of being patient while we get our acts together.. I just want to make sure we have a clear plan/idea of what we're doing before we unleash any "agents" into the field.

 I understand the workload issues.  Plus there's certainly legal concerns and at some point you might have to worry about fraud/mis-representation.