More iPhone/iPod Touch board games

Here are some boardgames you can get for iPod Touch or iPhone:

Reiner Knizia's Poison by Griphonite Games. Good adaptation of the game. Can only play against 3-5 AI players and can't adjust AI level.  Nice to look at, good adaptation. $3

Reiner Knizia's Knights of Charlemange by Conlan Rios.  Another good adaptation of a simple Knizia game. Either one player vs. variable strength (?) AI or two-player pass-and-play. A good adaptation. $2.

Hanto (adaptation of Hive) - This has apparently been removed from the iTunes App Store, maybe bacause it seems like an unauthroized re-adaptation of the game Hive. It is sort-of Asian themed, but plays really nice. Variable AI strength or pass-and-play.  I hope that they get the issues worked out so that this game can be re-released.

Crokinole by Dot Matrix Interactive - One of my favorite iPod Touch games. It's just a ton of fun. Play against a human either local or online, or against the computer (with three difficulty levels). Lots of options. You can either do a flick-shot (difficult to master) or a spring shot (much easier). Excellent application. $2.

Romi (version of Rummikub) by some dudes - Good fun rummy variant. I've never played Rummikub, so I don't really know how similar this is, but I think it's pretty accurate.

Not to mention Scrabble, Euchre, Cribbage, gambling games, etc... Oh, and don't forget that Zooloretto is coming soon!


Nice list, Mr. Nemesis!

I didn't know Poison was available.

Here's one to add to your list: Scopa, my favorite Italian card game. Heck one of my favorite 2-player card games, period.

The Scopa app you pointed me to is quite good. There are actually a few different Scopa apps to choose from. I chose the one you linked to, just called "Scopa" by Veronica Giamboi. Very pretty interface. You even can select eight different card styles (all impossible to distinguish at first for a beginner like me). The in-game rules are really bad, but the gameplay is solid. It's a fun little game.

You taught me how to play Scopa at BGG.CON. You clearly didn't teach me very well, though, since I lost. Since then I've looked at some Scopa decks online but I haven't yet bought one. But I DID just buy Scopa for the iPod Touch. Thanks for the heads-up! It looks like there are at least three different Scopa apps available. Now I should look for some of the other games you've covered, like Mus...

You need the practice. That's why I mentioned it...

Mus might be tough since you have to make all the table talk gestures with your partner.

Then again, with the touch interface, I suppose you could create "gestures." Might be neat!


Really enjoying Poison on the iPhone right now.

It's a nice adaptation, quick and fun. although you have to turn off the music after the first turn because it drives you nuts.

There's also a nice Xianqi game available, as well. It's by NorthernBytes software and has some really nice artwork and a really difficult top level. Well, I'm struggling, anyway !

Any other good ones out there that people can recommend ?

I haven't really played this yet and I'm not familiar with the game, so I can't comment on it, but there it is.