This may have been done already. 5 games for High School Alternative School Students!

Ok, a similar list to this one may have been done already I am sure, but I am looking for a few specific criteria.

I am a High School Alternative School teacher and have around 13 students ranging from grades 9-12. Next year I would like to start a once a month game day for the students where we play various games and have a good time. However, I would like them to have some educational value. I have already tried Ticket to Ride with them and it was a big hit, and it served the purpose of and educational game as the students had to find the cities on the map!

Being an Alternative school the range of comprehension of certain game rules varies. It is sometimes difficult to have a freshman who is struggling with school work in the same group as a gifted senior who is just behind in credits. So, I need 5 games that would be good to use in my classroom setting. Here are the specific criteria.

1. Must be able to teach it and play it within 1 hour.
2. Must be able to accommodate at least 5 players.
3. Must have some redeeming educational value, whether it be problem solving skills, geography, history etc.
4. Must be somewhat appealing to kids. Remember, these are alternative students, so anything too "educational" will not interest them. (I know that kind of contradicts the previous one, but I hope you know what I mean.)
5. Must be readily available to buy.

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Hey Brandon,

It's not an exact match with your challenge, but Episode 21's Sommelier segment is pretty close. If you think we're way off the mark, perhaps we'll try again! Here's a link to the show notes .

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ah cool, didn't see that one. I don't think the Shakespeare and Pizaro games would go over well with this group. :) I did recently buy "Buy Low, Sell High" but have yet to try it out and it only plays 4.

To play with a whole class at once, almost any game will have to be modified from its original form, but some certainly lend themselves to bending more than others. Letterhead (from Ep29) actually might make a nice light game, especially since you have so many different types of games toplay with the one deck of cards.

The educational game challenge is one we'll come back to many times, I'm sure. Lots of different ways to approach it. Maybe our next go around will fit better with your needs.