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Unplayed Games.."

1337 games.  They're 1337.




This from the person who was "way too cool for you nerds" in the thread next door (grin).

(Just joking around with ya not at ya, by the way...)

I'm not a big Sci-Fi nerd.  I'm more of a...well across the board nerd.  I'm a jack-of-all-nerds. Nerd of many types...master of none.


Music, computers, games, movies...whatever really. But sci-fi is something I like but I've never gotten really big into.


Long Live The Nerds!



I'm sorry; I actually tried several times over the weekend to edit or withdraw that and fate always intervened with lost signals or dying batteries. I'm never quite sure with things like this whether the playful intention is lost along with the vocal inflection; with only text available one must write carefully if one is going to go messing around. Banter is a delicate thing especially when the give and take is distorted by the electronic delay.

By all means be an enthusiast for what you will. I tend to prefer that word these days because words like "nerd" or "geek" have kind of become this catch all for anyone who exhibits a passionate interest in anything at all i.e. science "nerd" or history "geek". The corollary to this, that the "cool" people are those sitting on their sofas, passively watching television and swilling the creatively bankrupt dominant culture is simply too depressing to bear. (Despite the evidence surrounding me to the contrary; denial is a remarkably useful thing.) I think the stereotypes arise from people who have a fuzzy grasp on the difference between "passionate interest" and "single-minded obsession to the exclusion of anything else."

By the way, Austin, Tx. wouldn't mean anything to you, would it?


Oh I'm certainly not upset in any way.  Don't worry about it.  I can take it.

I used to do stand up comedy, if I can't take a few lumps...who can?


And I've been to Austin once. But I was born in Melbourne, FL and live in a small town outside of Rochester, NY.



In my experience it is a very fine line between passionate interest and single minded obsession. I'm never really sure which side of the line I am walking but it sure beats watching television.

My girlfriend watches TV all the time.  It's on at times when she is purposely not watching it.  I can't F****** stand it!

I hate watching TV.  I like a few shows, but if I'm not TRYING to watch one of those there are SO MANY BETTER THINGS I could be doing.



You have a gr8 eye for detail, will. :)

I would have totally missed the geeky convergence of our List with 1337-speak. Nice that the moment has been preserved for its historical significance here.

I also have to step in and say that I watch more than my fair share of TV and I don't buy the argument that it is "wasting" time any more than any other form of entertainment and enrichment is. Like music or films or books, there's a lot of dreck produced. But for all the noise, there are signals as well. There are  plenty of artists who know how to speak through the medium in a way that can be profound, beautiful, or just plain fun. To dismiss all TV as categorically uninteresting is to close off many doors that need not be shut. Especially with the advent of digital recorders like Tivo, I never want for quality entertainment when I sit down to watch. If TV isn't your thing, no worries. Every medium speaks to people differently. But saying that watching TV is universally pointless is like saying all music is pointless because one doesn't like all the pop music playing on the radio.

Just food for thought from a boob-tuber. :)

But my Partner In Crime (as you would say) watches tv even when she DOESN'T WANT TO WATCH TV.


She watches it because it is there.  She watches it when she doesn't want to do anything else.  She watches shows she doesn't even like because nothing better is on.  She watches tv while napping.  She watches TV while painting her nails.


She generally just watches a ton ot TV that really serves her NO PURPOSE AT ALL.  She doesn't enjoy it, she isn't interested in it, hell she's probably SEEN IT ALREADY.  But she doesn't think to watch a movie, or play a game etc.  TV is her go to option...


I have a giant, awesome, really pretty TV sitting right next to me.  I almost never watch TV on it.  I play Xbox 360 on it sometimes, I watch movies on it frequently.  I use it as a second monitor sometimes (some of the Computer Geek coming out) hell I use it as a second monitor and watch movies from my PC.  Or I put on and watch a show I might want to see...But I see no point in comming home from work, sitting down and watching TV until I go to bed.  ESPECIALLY in this day and age when you can get a tivo, or series on DVD or watch shows on places like  Why live by some networks' schedule?  Why watch some show you don't care about for an hour?  Why sit through 20 minutes of commercials every hour?  And when your "partner in crime" can't F***ing stand it...why not do something else?


That's really my whole point I just want the woman to Do. Something. Else. Some. Time. Please.


...not holding my breath though.  So when I get bored of terrible television..I'll just turn on my iPod and catch up on more old episodes of The Spiel... (on Origigins 2007 episode..I'm catching up!) (and when I do I will participate in all of the spiffy contests!)



In a hole and on my third shovel.

I swear I am "just a mouth on legs." To quote a television program, by the way. I in no way intended to single out television. Despite Bill Hicks'  terrific comment that watching it is "like taking a magic marker to your third eye," it's given us the programs we've discussed over the past weeks along with too many others to mention and has been the canvas for artists like Monty Python, Patrick McGoohan, Dennis Potter, Jim Henson and David Lynch- although I think it kind of broke that last one in the end. I haven't owned one in a long time and I personally haven't watched it much since- well, TV sells you a lot of stuff besides soap -check out Harlan Ellison's The Glass Teat, by the way- and let's just say I haven't been the market it's looking for. So I prefer to wait for the recommended stuff to hit DVD, of which I watch plenty on my laptop, which is how I've caught up with things like Firefly and Flight of the Conchords. I wasn't even slamming pop trash; I've got quite a fondness for good pop trash. (I've talked up enough trashy games here to shred any credibility of taste, I think. If further damage to my critical reputation is needed, I actually like Zombies!!! too, so there. Straight out of the box, too. You want worse? I think the recent gadget-based remake of Trivial Pursuit is pretty nifty and even I'm sheepish about that one. ) Lazy shorthand writing on my part, guilty as charged.
What I was trying to describe was just the age-old difference between going through life aware and excited about things versus passively moving through the world conforming and not questioning. (Which is, let's face it, what TV usually wants you to do; it'd much rather you watch other people being aware and excited for you. Within the culturally established bounds of behavior, of course.) The resulting cultural stereotype of people who are interested and excited about things- anything really with the possible exceptions of sex and money- is that they're somehow weird, eccentric, even mildly tetched. That learning about things is really something you do on behalf of your job. And so I was just feeling quite a bit guilty about snarking off to someone and accidentally playing into that whole thing. If I was imagining all this leading to a kind of "Harrison Bergeron" world of advertising-led people with identical haircuts having identical conversations, sorry. I sent that last from a local pub here, which was the nearest WiFi, and I was absolutely surrounded by 'em. Like a bad zombie movie 'round here some days, I tell ya.

Tsk, how embarrassing; I'm just going to pop a couple of blue camels and go lie down for a while...

I like a lot of shows..but I don't need to watch them all day, every day.

Cash Cab, MythBusters, Dirty Jobs, Bizare Foods, House M.D, Bones, Fringe, Chuck, Better Off Ted.

There are certainly others I like, but I could live with just seeing those every once in a while.



solid points, all around.

There's room for mindless entertainment in whatever form you prefer, but moderation is a good thing.

Says the guy who plays thousands of board games and spends hours reviewing them.

Ah, credibility... shot all to hell...

It has become a compulsion for her these days.  example:


I come in, we're talking, she's not watching TV, we're talking, some show (that she isn't watching) keeps making it hard for us to hear eachother, i turn off the TV...


What are you doing?

Turning off the TV.

...but that doesn't don't DO that...



I grew up in a household where the television was always on.

My mum would get up in the morning and the first thing she would do was switch it on. It would remain that way until my dad went to bed at night (or more likely fell asleep in front of it). Sometimes it was watched (and you'd be told to *shush* if you attempted to start a conversation) and sometimes it just seemed to be on as background noise.

Heck, we even had Christmas dinner in front of the television. Even now when I go to see the wrinklies, it is still blaring away, except my mum has one in the front room for the soaps while my dad has one in the back room for the sport. Never the twain shall meet.

I think for this reason, I just don't watch it much myself.

But it is easy to become lazy and claim that all TV watching is bad. Like all media there are diamonds in the rough and Stephen's comments certainaly got me to thinking about my attitudes.

Often the argument is that TV is very "one way". Web2.0 addicts will claim that the boob-tube has had it's day because there is no interaction with the audience. But people don't always want two way interaction - sometimes it is just about being entertained.

Is watching TV any worse than mindlessly surfing the internet ? I can waste hours on the www without really knowing where the time has gone. Time which would have been better spent watching the Easter Dr Who special or playing BattleStar Gallactica.


In all things moderation. Except games.