New Days of Wonder Game!

So anyone got any info on what the blog posts from Days of Wonder are all about?


Skeletons, Amazons, Wizards. One a day but whats it all leading too?




Since DoW has jettisoned Battle Lore to Fantasy Flight, my money is on a new game.

If so, this is great news! Much as I love Ticket to Ride and the rest of the lineup, in recent years they have been milking past successes. Given their track record, I'll be interested to see what direction they take with some brand new titles.

Days of Wonder has posted a little more information about their upcoming release.

The Game is called Small World. They are running a contest to determine which of the different fantasy factions depicted in the game art are favored by fans. Here's a link to all the contest details.

The game will be part of the big box line of games and will be a board game not a card game.

See the first few entries made me think they were turning the video game Diablo into a boardgame.  Which would be awesome (or horrible depending)  But now i'm not sure.  Either way I am curious, and probably desirous.  But mostly going to enter the contest because I am still having difficulty convincing my wife to play mystery of the abby. 

Okay, so is anyone taking bets on how long it takes Disney to come down on them for trademark infringement with the blatantly-stolen lyrics from the attraction?

-- Joe

Yep, more has come out and not sure where its heading. Could be a Cosmic Encounter type game or something very different.

Not sure until I see more, but I supose they are trying to ramp up the marketing to compete with the release of Android.

Disney, yeah probably in a typical we are bigger than you and percieve that we have lost money kind of way. Don't get me started on this one ;-)

In case you haven't heard, they've put out more info and this is sort of a fantasy version of Vinci. It's unclear whether it's just a re-theme of that game or if it's an actual rules-and-design update, but it's the basic land-control theme with various fantasy civilizations (orcs, trolls, giants, etc) instead of historically-based things.

-- Joe

I'd seen a few rumors it might be a "re-imagining" of Vinci.

For some reason, I thought Dave and I had played Vinci, but according to him, we have not. Not sure which game I am remembering...  little grey cells are failing me...

By many accounts Vinci is a good game, so I'll be interested to see what they do with it. In some ways, I hope it's more than a simple re-theming. Then again, if it was a strong game to begin with, why mess with what works?

I've played Vinci and lost, but I don't own it. It's on my wishlist, though. It's pretty cool in that it's not just imprtant to do the right things with your civilizations, but it's also important to know when to GET OUT and start over with a new one. At some point your empire just gets too unmanagable and it's time to chuck it and come in strong again. Getting the correct timing for that transition is almost as important as what you do with each civilization.

I'm not a fan of just retheming a game, but I do think that the idea of fantasy races offers some new design opportunities for powers that will make the game different enough in play to make me happy.

-- Joe