new year, slightly new look

A new year dawns and with it a slightly new look to the site.

I have altered the site logo banners and I am phasing out the old Spiel font in favor of a new one (Good bye, Web Letterer - Hello, Doohickey (courtesy of Comic Craft Fonts). Let me know what you think.

The most noticeable difference will be the episode title graphics. Again, mainly a font switcheroo, but I like that I have more real estate for the pictures/graphics now.

As an experiment, I've also added an Amazon ad link to the sidebar. It may stay, it may go. I hate sites that are cluttered with ads. I'd rather save room for more real show sponsors, but never hurts to try, right? We'll see what I think of it after a month or so.

At some point, I'll also have some new shirts with the new graphics ready. I'm actually hoping to twist the arm (meaning pay) a listener/artist I met at BGG con to do some new designs. He had some cool ideas. Stay tuned...