Questions about Dave's card game storage

It was very interesting to hear about Dave's method for storing all his card games.
But a few questions popped into my mind about the practicality of it!

1. What do you do if you are taking card games to a friend's place or games day? Do you grab all the different containers, bags and binders? Isn't having everything separated like this a pain for transporting the games?

2. If a few different groups are using your games, it seems like a lot of work to take the rules out of the binders, and hand all the appropriate components out to people. Surely here, having each game contained in one box is much easier?

3. It seems there is something lost by not having the box with the game. If you are introducing it to new people, they can't see the box and miss out on all the visual and written information (and flavour!) it provides. They won't be able to read the blurb, see who designed the game or be able to recognise the game later! (Especially a problem if they want to purchase it). 
Also, if you have a few card games out at once (particularly if you are at a games day) how do people recognise what games you have with you? Without the boxes all the games will basically look the same, and people won't be aware of what is available to play.
Have you had any problems along these lines?

Now I don't have nearly as many games as Dave, so I can't speak for how practical this solution really is in practice... but these problems seem pretty big to me, so I'd love to hear if there are any solutions.

For me, it seems easier to store many card games sideways in drawers (or even on an appropriate shelf). Many of them can be seen at once, and they can be pulled out fully assembled and ready to play.



I've actually been thinking of doing a similar thing with my card games.  Not necessarily the scanning and such (I have my own ideas).  Normally, most of my favorite card games live in an Ultra Pro carrying case, in 12 plastic cases...and they are just not optimal for bits and such that go with certain games, you may have inspired me to actually getting this project done.  One question, where did you find the card house itself?  I don't really have a source for those. 

Dave will have to delve into your questions more fully, but if memory serves, since he has extra unfilled drawers in his card house, I think he usually collects the card games he need to transport in one of those. If it's just a couple games, he has several of those clear plastic deck boxes at the ready.

The art question is interesting because that's probably at least part of the motivation for Dave saving the boxes even though he doesn't store them with the games. The art and the look and feel of the game should transfer from the box to the actual cards, though, so it doesn't seem like you're sacrificing too much since someone could easily peruse the card drawer and be attracted to a game by looking at the cards instead of the box. You might be giving up a little serendipity when inrtoducing people to new games, but when balanced by the fact that ALL his card games are instantly accessible (and PLAYABLE) that's not such a terrible concession.

Scooterb, I think a lot of sports card or collectible stores carry the card houses that Dave has. I have also seen them in comic shops that do a lot of side business in CCGs.

Shows you I'm either a) shopping in the wrong stores, or b) not looking hard enough.  I haven't seen them in a long time.  I guess a deeper dig is required. Thanks for the info.

Just wanted to answer Phil's question about taking my card games over to a friends house etc. I have several Ultra Pro card boxes of different sizes. They are perfect for fitting anywhere from 1 to 10 card games and the goober that goes along with them. As far as the rules are concerned, in most cases I just take the 3-ring binder. If space is a concern, I have quick access to the original rules, so I just grab those. I know it seems like a lot of trouble to go through, but when you are dealing with 100's of card games - it's my version of the lesser evil.