What I got for Christmas

I thought I'd start a forum topic around Christmas Gifts.

What did Santa bring you and have you played them yet ? Thoughts on the sackloads of goober that sit under your tree on Christmas morning ?

Let's get festive and share the gaming love.


My BGG secret santa has been spirited away by my lady wife so I can't comment on that one yet (unlike most people on the geek who seem to have opened theirs already !) but I did buy myself Pandemic for St Nicks day and Steerpike Jr and I have been having a ball saving the world from disease and misery.

I've bought my son Red November and look forward to him opening it on Christmas Day. goblins in submarines. What's not to love about that ?

oh, and I've donwloaded Mach Dice onto my iPhone ! 


My family knows I love the boardgames, but they never can find the ones I like (I think they are scared to go to the stores I shop!)  So they typically let me pick out my own games (after the two years ago incident  when I got a Sopranos and SNL Trivia game that got sold at the garage sale two months later, unopened)

I do know I have The Hanging Gardens and Galaxy Trucker sitting under the tree.  I think I bought at least one more game...oh yeah! Dominion (how I love that game...and my gaming group got named in the credits, so in a small way I helped bring that game to market)!

I secretly hope that my mom ordered me a couple Scopa decks, since Stephen introduced me to that game at the Spiel-a-Thon, I have become quite smitten by it...but have been unable to buy any cards of my own (for various reasons).


Sadly, no Scopa decks...but I did get the Race for the Galaxy Expansion along with the stuff I listed above.  A good Christmas all around.  Hope everyone's is / was as good. 

I'm the proud owner of a shiny new Crokinole board. Woo hoo! Francie rocks. We broke it in today and I was trounced in the first round but made an admirable comeback in the second.

Also in the game category, I scored a copy of Ghost Stories, a curling game for the Wii, and Mirror's Edge for the 360.

Non-game gifts included several books and DVDs (Lost Season 4 on blu ray), Wasabi flavored gum, warm socks for curling and the list goes on... I'm a lucky dude to be surrounded by so many generous people.

Funny, many relatives said they are put off buying games for me since they don't know what I have. Clearly, The Spiel message is not getting out to them, since our collection is listed here for all the world to see.  Have to work on them next year... :)

I must get my grubby hands on the Wii Curling game.  Not your copy of course, that would be rude. 

Here's a link to the better of the two curling games available for the Wii. Yes, there are, in fact, two different curling games available. The good one is the Deca Sports title with a bunch of other mini game sports titles included. I received the other one (called something like Winter Sports Extreme) for my birthday but it isn't worth your time or money. Controls are very flaky and it doesn't even use the proper strategy or terminology.


My first thought was a rather sarcastic "nothing worse than a poorly executed obscure sports video game", but I guess that is a rather true statement. The market for curling games for the Wii is probably limited to those who actually know something about curling, so you had better get it right!

That was my thought process, too. If you are going to bother to MAKE a curling game, wouldn;t you want it to actually conform to the rules of the actual game and use the real terminology used in the game? Makes no sense at all!

On the plus side, the new curling game I got for xmas does a much better job.You can even play cooperatively and one person gets to sweep while the other delivers the stone. Neat!

 I'm more than happy with my Christmas.

My girlfriend not only gave me Agricola (I'd put that on my wish list) but also Carcassonne and Carcassonne - the Tower.

On top of that my step-sister gave us Acquire.

So yeah - a happy gaming Christmas for me!

Sounds like a great harvest of games, Fahran. Nicely done! HOpe you get a chance to get them to the table soon.

Already on that Stephen! I've already convinced my better half to try 2-player games of Agricola and Carcassonne - the Tower.

The sheer scope of the former with the huge array of cards looks amazing. Even having a hand of useless Minor Improvements failed to detract from the fun. Can't wait to try it out with more players.

As for CtT, it's Carcassonne but vindictive. Oh boy was it vindictive! Again, it should be interesting with more players (but hey, we can say that about just about any game).

Oh, and who knew they had Wii curling? I suck at Wii bowling, so maybe curling's the way to go!

Nicely done. Two games on and off your "List" already!

At least with Wii curling, you can get some help from your sweepers. If your shot doesn't go well, you can blame them. :)

My Christmas cash bought for me, a copy of Marrakech from the Game Preserve!  Is it wrong that I've been playing it by myself, just to admire the carpet pieces? 

Hey, what's the big idea? Come to Indy and we didn't even get a game in! I live like 5 minutes from the Game Preserve. Next time you're in town, let us know.

Dave talked the GP into making Marrakech one of the featured games this xmas at the store. They sold very well from what I have been told. Easy to see why, especially with the wonderful carpets!

I was in town on a hastily thrown together trip with my dad.  When I travel with family, hard to break away to do other stuff.

I'd like to play games / hang out / with you guys, that's for sure.  I'll try again here in a few weeks to break away on my own.

Also: I was very bummed to find Boardroom Games in Broad Ripple had closed, while I love the Game Preserve, they had a lot of other neat stuff at that store...feels like a big loss. 

I did ok this year.

I got No Thanks! & 10 Days In Asia so far.  My Christmas $ is screaming to buy some more.  Perhaps Pandemic or a Haba game.

Happy New Year everybody!

I got to play No Thanks for the first time at BGG Con. A nice light little game indeed! The 10 Days series comes off the shelf a lot here at the padded cell.

You won't be sorry if you go for Pandemic. Every victory against the dreaded diseases will be one to savor.

Happy New Year to you and all the great Spielers out there!

Due to a freak snowstorm.  (well we get them every 6-10 years) Shopping was severly limited.  I did not get a game for christmas.  My wife got Killer Bunnies  & the Journey to Jupiter.  (Because she is a huge killer bunnies fan)  And my daughter received Fluxx 4.0.  We have played Killer Bunnies, but not fluxx 4.0.  My wife has given me a raincheck, so eventually I am going to be getting the Talisman upgrade AND one of the following...agricola, lost cities the boardgame,  or race for the Galaxy.   (Depends on which one comes in, and what kind of a mood my wife is in.)

   On the other hand, I did go to an after christmas sale & purchased Red November, and Infernal Machine, both of which look promising once I can get somebody to play them.


The only new games in the house on Christmas day were for the kids because I had already gifted myself with an Internet order of games through RC Hobby earlier in the month.

I was ecstatic to find that RC Hobby in Cleveland Heights, OH had a new copy of Tahuantinsuyu, one of the best games that I have ever played, so I placed my order through them. I also picked up Agricola and Ca$h 'n Gun$, two games that are a lot of fun for the family.

For Christmas, the kids gotPitchCar, Munchkin Impossible, Snorta!,Tri-Virsity,Quiddler, and Uglydoll Card Game. While the quality varies somewhat between the games, we had a lot of fun playing them.

Tahuantinsuyu looks really interesting. It has caught my eye several times in the past but I haven't has a chance to play yet. I'll have to track you down so you can teach us.

The uglydoll game looks like silly fun, too. Another speed game I can beat Dave at. :)


So my Secret Santa brought me 1960: The Making of the President - really looking forward to getting that puppy to the table - as well as a couple of other interesting Spiel gifts. Hmm, seems he had insider knowledge.

My buddy Poodle got Colosseum, which we played the other day, and that is awesome.

I bought his son Key Largo and we've already had a "Dads and Lads" game of that which proved to be a lot of fun too.

Now it's a question of what Steerpike Jr and I will invest our Christmas money in....