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Episode 50 Mystery Connection: Bucket King and Krieg und Frieden

By sconway - Posted on 17 March 2008

Can YOU find the mystery connection between Bucket King and Krieg und Frieden ?

Post your guesses here and you could win a set of custom Spiel dice!

spiel dice

Guess as many times as you like. If no one finds our mystery connection, we'll award the dice to the guess we think is the most creative.

Spiel on!


Both games were featured on previous episodes of The Spiel-Bucket King was recommended in the Game Sommelier in episode 39, and Krieg and Frieden was recommended in Truckloads of Goober in episode 16.
In Krieg und Frieden you have a king kicking the bucket and in Bucket King you have animals kicking them
BigFriendlyDave's picture
1) the king kicking the bucket vs the Bucket King or 2) The knights do appear to be wearing the buckets from Bucket King on their heads on the cards in Krieg etc. Dave
Steerpike's picture
Funnily enough "kicking the bucket" was the first thing that jumped into my mind when I heard the show. Looks like I'm not the only one ! Of course, both games also have a reference to a king and I'm wondering if there is a farm connection in there somewhere as well. Or perhaps the connection is Tolstoy ? Whilst his epic novel "War and Peace" is recognised as a landmark in literature his lesser known work "The bucket king" has not received the critical acclaim that it deserved. (actually he did write a short story called "Kholstomer: The Story of a Horse" but I don't know if it included the premeditated destruction of another farmers bucket pile) Back to the drawing board ? ------------------------------------------------- We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games
Steerpike's picture
Both games have English translations associated with kings. "Alles im Eimer" became the "Bucket King" and "Krieg und Frieden" became (briefly) "Charlemagne". Both games developed into todays bestsellers. Krieg clearly becoming the inspiration of Pillars of the Earth (at least gooberwise). The "Bucket King" was translated into Latin as "Rex Agricolae" (king of the farmers) and was later imported to Egypt by Julius Caesar - allegedly giving it to Cleopatra as a gift. Rex Agricolae was shortened to "R.A." by the locals who only spoke coptic and struggled with the subjugation of Latin nouns. To aid assimilation the animals were changed to represent Egyptian gods- anubis and hourus being preferred to cows and sheep and the game spread down the Nile like wildfire. RA went through a number of incarnations before being discovered by a young archaeologist by the name of Reiner Knizia, who took it back to his native Germany and made a fortune from it. Maybe. And, yes, I can't sleep tonight. OK - final guess - the ever faithful films. (We know you love them Stephen) Alles im Eimer was a 1991 film starring the German comedian Dieter Hallervorden (interestingly internationally released as "up the creek" and not "the bucket king"). And I'm sure we've all seen War and Peace, of which there must be at least three versions (maybe one of them shares a director or co star in common?) Actually, I know the answer. Neither game is going to provide Steerpike with another set of Spiel dice :-( ------------------------------------------------- We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games
sconway's picture

Whata great (and bizarre!) start to the contest! Death metaphors, bucket heads, Tolstoy, Julius Caesar, and the publisher.

Silk, that's great you found K&F on the same day!. You'll have to let us know what you think.

And, Steerpike, I think you need to start your own game design during a bout of insomnia just to see what rabbit hole you fall through!


Steerpike's picture
hehe - did I mention that I finally snagged a copy of Stonehenge ? I'm adding a "Bag o'Zombies" to the mix and it's just a matter of time until I post the rules to ZombHenge. Mind you, with games like Yetisburg to compete with, I feel like an amateur of the obscure. ------------------------------------------------- We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games
sconway's picture
I'll have to quiz Dave on which rules we were playing with because I honestly don't recall. I know that we did not encounter any issues that broke the game when we played.
BigFriendlyDave's picture
Alas, Stonehenge is destined to sit in a pile in my house, waiting to be re-discovered by a bunch of archaeologists in 3000 years time, who'll probably not bother with the rules and just declare it as some sort of ritual object. :) Dave
sconway's picture
As long as the future doesn't contain druids on racing chariots, we can all sleep soundly.
As mentioned before, Tolstoy is the connection. Tolstoy of course wrote War and Peace, and Ghandi formed a community which he called Tolstoy Farm (which has inspired many alternative farm/hippie/commune copies), and of course these farms have farm animals like those kicking over all those buckets! Or maybe it's the line from Tolstoy's short story, "The Cossacks" that reads, "'Well, Luka,' added the sergeant gaily, 'you'll have to stand the lads a bucket of vodka....'"
echack's picture
Some Connections, serious - and not quite as serious: - The Firesign Theatre. As we all know, Fudd's First Law of Opposition states: "If you push something hard enough, it will fall over." In Bucket King, you push the buckets over, in Krieg und Frieden players can "push over" their opponents' holdings. - The Alan Parsons Project. They had an album, Pyramid about the subject of Bucket King, pyramids (of buckets). They also had an album, Gaudi, about famed Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, who's life work capstone was to build a cathedral in Barcelona, La Sagada Familia - and building a cathedral is the object of Krieg und Frieden. As an aside, I've been to the top of a pyramid (in Mexico City) and La Sagrada Familia. - Houston. We have a church shaped like a pyramid (Unity Church) and at least two cathedrals (Episcopal and Roman Catholic).



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