Length of the list

With nothing more than positive feedback, it's difficult to improve. Therefore a small remark from my side on which I would like to see other Spiel-listeners input prior to dumping it into Stephen or Dave's mailbox.

My one sole remark on the latest episodes of the Spiel is the length of 'The List'. I've always found your explanations well-structured, sufficiently detailed and of great informational value. However with game explanations exceeding the 30 min. mark, it's getting difficult to stay focused and keep track of all that's being said without visual reference (The enhanced podcast does make it easier). So, although I value the detail put into this topic, I would like to ask if it would be possible/ of interest/ valuable to try and shrink this part a bit. This can not be done without leaving some details out but I don't see this topic as being a rules explanation to play the game but as a explanation to see how the game works and whether the game is interesting or not.

What's your opinion?


Thanks for the input! One benefit to the way our show is organized is you can listen to the parts you enjoy and skip the parts that don't appeal to you.

We certainly don't do it with every game, but certain games call for a more in-depth look at rules and in our opinion 1960 did. Our decisions are based on what we think it will take for a player to get a clear picture of the game and whether it would appeal to him or her. It is totally understandable that our decisions may not always lineup with your needs or tastes and that's ok.

Since we have several thousand people listening, we have to make the show in a way that feels right to us and let the chips fall where they may, knowing some segments may not appeal to every one of our listeners. Spiel a la carte. :)


While I too need to go back and listen to some parts multiple times on occasion, I have to vote for erring on the side of length rather than brevity.  It's easy skip to the end of a game review to see what the overall opinion was - it's a tad more difficult add more of Dave and Stephen to an existing podcast.  The latter would seem to require either a time machine, or a healthy dose of insanity (and a particularly geeky kind at that). 

I have an idea that may help..or at least it will for me.

Sometimes I just plain DO NOT CARE about game...or maybe I want to hear your opinions of the game but I don't want to hear the nitty gritty.

For example: Twilight Imperium.  I really wanted to hear your takes and how and why you felt that way...but since the game is entirely off putting to me in every way but the story of it...I really don't care how you play it.  You play it in too much freaking time, that's how.  I would love a way to skip from one list game to the next (if there are two and I don't care about one) easily, or a way to skip to different breakdowns of a specific game.

Granted I say this having NO IDEA how difficult it may or may not be to do all of this, I mean I can certainly fast foward a bit. I just think it would be neat is all.


Thanks for the awesome show...almost caught up to current.



Hey "W". (You're not the former president, are you?)

If you have the enhanced podcast, it is broken up into chapters, and with those chapters, you can skip from one list game to another (and in the cases of those very long games, it's broken up into even more little chapters). I often listen to news and notes, then skip to Sommolier, then back to Goober, etc, depending on how long I am going to be int he car.