Playing on a side table? What about playing at different tables all together!

The game is "Fische, Fluppen, Frikandellen". It's all about trading, selling and buying goods to obtain three different fetishes in the end. The great thing is that it can be played on different tables at the same time where you can only get one type of fetish at any table. You can decide when you leave your table and join another table. Take your goods, pawn and money with you, select a table and sit to the right of the active player.

So you might end up alone on a table or with ten players (which evens itself out pretty fast).


I had a chance to play a full 15 player game of this a few weeks ago.  It's quite a hectic experience.  I don't think there's much to the game in it's 1 board / 5 player form, but in it's 3 table, 15 player's a very unique and fun experience. 

Our game had about 6 people all within a turn or two of the win. 5 on their last table, 3 getting ready to move to their last table...and 1 poor schlub who was having a bad day, and was still on the first board.

 I highly recommend the experience.

This game sounds really neat! I am a fan of Friedeman Friese, so I'm going to have to hunt this one down.

We have a couple big game gatherings every year, so it would be a perfect one to try out then

To get the full experience, you need all three different versions of the game, and it's out of print, never released in English.  I'd guess $120-150 would be the ballpark for getting a complete set, at regular prices.

If you do get it, and need a 15th though...I'd be in!

Ouch, I didn't know it was so pricey.

I'll just put it on my list of games to look for when I'm at Essen next year. How's that for positive thinking?

They are still available at Friedemann's booth for a reasonable price. Keep an eye on the version mark at the side of the box. You need a A, B and C box for the full game experience.