Schrille stille

Great to see that some old posts recommending this game didn't get lost in cyberspace. Small item of note: 'Schrille stille' is indeed out of print but is still easily obtainable in Europe. In fact, shrink-wrapped copies were available at Essen for the astounding price of 9 euro. AllGames4You still carries the game at less than 10 euro.

The game itself is not ultra-great due to it being a bit too chaotic but the goober really makes this game a lot of fun for gamers and non-gamers alike.


I have seen this played on BSW and the game mechanics did not seem very interesting. I guess that without the goober it's not much of a game.


Thanks for the info, Musti. See, we do pay attention occasionally!

If for no other reason than to try out the funky mechanism, I'd still very much like to try Schrille Stille. For that price, I might have to get a copy anyway. :)

Just send me a mail if you want me to pick up a copy for you (incl. your max price). We'll figure out a way to get it to Indiana for a reasonable price.

The game is a lot of fun to pull out after dinner with a couple of non-gamer friends.