Games and Politics

Obama went for Poker and McCain for Craps.

What can you tell about politicians from their choice of game ?

For me Obama is a Eurogamer and McCain more of an Ameritrash man. But what games do you think they would choose in each these genres ? I've has a stab at the British politicians:





I am sure 'picking' a game would entail focus groups and hired experts for any American candidates. In British politics, is there a big tado over each candidates 'song'? Here the songs are analyzed, protested by bands, and generally used out of context. In a few words, choosing a particular song is a big deal.

LOL - I heard that the Foo Fighters were not happy that 'the Mac is back' was using their song.

There has been a trend in the UK for parties to try and adopt songs for their campaign - Tony Blair started it by using "Things can only get better" by D:Ream in the 1997 UK General election. The writer of the song, Peter Cunnah, was said to have mixed feelings about this.

The British Labour Party then tried to position itself as proponents of "Cool Britannia" and started hanging around with "BritPop" bands and tried to associate themselves with youth culture ("youf culcha").

This cuminated in the Deputy Prime Minister attending a music awards cermony and having a jug of ice cold water tipped into his lap by the lead singer of the semi-anarchic band Chumbawamba.

Since then our politicians have been a bit more wary of their connection with the music scene which is something of a relief.