Episode 64 Connection Contest: Battle Line & Mutant Chronicles

Can YOU create a connection between Battle Line and The Mutant Chronicles?

Post your connections here and you could win a set of custom Spiel dice!

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Guess as many times as you like. And remember, the more left of center your connection, the more likely you'll get our attention. :)

Spiel on!



Clearly, the connection between Mutant Chronicles: Seige of the Citadel and Battle Line is the Borg from Star Trek.

Obviously, MC:SotC was designed by Richard Borg.

In Start Trek, the Borg are a collection of soulless, hive-minded cyborgs hell-bent on assimilating all other races and cultures into their society.

Similar to the Borg, Reiner Knizia (designer of Battle Line) is a soulless machine hell-bent on assimilating the entire boardgame community through generating inordinate numbers of games based on some master mathematical formula that will eventually brainwash us all into serving him.  And it's already starting to work!  How else could you explain Keltis winning the SdJ when Ra and Tigris & Euphrates didn't? 

Resistance is Futile!!!

I think that GamerChris may be onto something here and has uncovered a wider Borg conspiracy.

Batte Line - before it "mutated" ('"chronicled" everywhere) - was called Schotten Totten. A game which shares the same initials as Star Trek, the brave heroes who 'battled' the Borg.

Coincidence ? I dont think so. Connections everywhere.


As further, and final, proof this is the second time that I have posted these facts. My previous post was 'lost' in the ether. Borg infiltration of the Spiel ? Do the dice hold the power to break us free from this menace ?

Connection 1: Siege of the Citadel was designed by Richard Borg.  Richard Borg is famous for his Commands & Colors system.  The key types of cards in Knizia's Battle Line are Tactics Cards, which can represent commands given by tactically skilled leaders, and Troop Cards, which have colors as one of their primary attributes.  Borg's Command & Colors - Ancients also features Troop Cards and Tactics Cards.

Connection 2:  A Thing for Mutants: The Mutant Chronicles universe features an eldritch alien machine designed to corrupt and mutate all life.  Renier Knizia designed Blue Moon, which features 'mutant' hero cards.  Richard Borg has designed three games themed around mutant superheroes, the X-Men.  Knizia designed "Yo! Marvel Heroes," also featuring the X-Men.  Clearly, the two designers have a thing for the genetically different.

 Connection 3:  Men are Mutants! : Mutation as a source of genetic diversity can be thought of as one of the key elements in the chronicles of evolution of life on our planet.  The Mutant Chronicles features mutants as a core thematic element.  Battle Line's origin as a re-theming of Schotten-Totten, which itself developed tactics cards during the Pro-Ludo reprint, can be seen as evolution of a sort.  (At least here there's no I.D. controversy) The current prize on the 'Name that Game' contest is Knizia's Uwe Rosenberg's The Difference Between Women and Men.  A prominent theory is that the Y-sex chromosome (a key difference between women and men) is the result of a series of chromosomal inversions (a type of mutation) .  Prior to this event, thought to have taken place roughly 300 million years ago, the Y chromosome was much more X-like.  Thus The Difference Between Women and Men is but one chapter in the Mutant Chronicles.  Absent advanced cloning vat technology, or the movie Junior, neither Richard Borg or Renier Knizia (or Uwe Rosenberg) could have been born without the mutation-derived physiological differences between women and men.  Men are mutants, therefore both Mutant Chronicles & Battle Line are essentially about fighting mutants. Thus the two games (as well as any others, ever) are intextricably linked by both theme and development.

   - Edit - #3 would have worked a lot better if the designer of The Difference Between Women and Men was actually Knizia instead of Uwe Roseberg.  Oh well.


The connection is Wasilli Kandinsky.  Answer courtest my Art History 101 class, and wikipedia.

Who is Kandinsky?  And why is he the answer?

Kandinsky was an artist, mostly working in the late 1800s - early 1900s.

Anyway, in Munich in 1901,  he helped found an avant-garde artistic movement called "Phalanx" which, of course is one of the possible hands in Battle Line.

And later on, he joined the influential German art and architecture school Bauhaus.  Bauhaus is one of the corporations you can play in the Mutant Chronicles


So there you have it!  Kandinsky is the connection between these games this time.