Just a quick hello and a dilema...

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and say that I'm really enjoying the show, I live in a little fishing town called Brixham in the South West of England and I've been playing games most of my life but only recently started to listen to podcasts. The Spiel is awesome and your enthusiasm is infectious:) keep up the great work fella's.

And the dilema... Its my birthday at the beginning of next month so my girlfriend ordered me copies of StoneAge and Agricola, they arrived today but she won't let me have them till my birthday! 2 weeks, how unfair is that. Should I sneak a peak while she's out?

Take it easy chaps




Oh man, that has got to be kind of brutal.  When my wife was growing up, her family Christmas tradition was to go out together and buy Christmas presents (as in try on your clothes & see that they fit, and know everything you will receive in advance)  the day after Thanksgiving.  Then you had to wait until Christmas to actually be able to receie and use your presents.  Once she got used to not knowing what her presents were going to be, she has become much more Christmas friendly.  So while I don't know your pain specifically, I can understand and see how tortuous something like that must be.  

   Yet, it is the givers perogative when & where and how the receiver gets the goods.  So, as I see it you have 2 options which can be mixed and matched apropriately.

1) Sigh whistfully (and loudly) and look forlorn at every opportunity.

2) Suggest that it would behoove your girlfriend to take such action as to distract you and your mind from the fact that you have those 2 games waiting. 

So  say something like "I really wish there were something you could do to take my mind off those games I'm going to get in a couple weeks"  followed by a forlorn sigh & a whistful work.   Worst case she offers to play yet another game of Lost Cities.  Best case...well I will leave that to your imagination.

Hey Xofour,

 thanks for the reply, very funny! I tried the first suggestion but didn't get anywhere, she's a tough cookie:) I'm gonna try your second suggestion and I may indeed get some interesting results with that one!

Speaking of Lost Cities though, my 10yr old kicks my butt at that game. I'm gonna say that its because I have to relearn most of my games every time we play cos my memory is so bad although she'll say its cos she has the higher IQ ( I think she's probably right).

I want my games!

My advice would be to play some rounds of Stone Age on BSW - by the time you get the real thing you'll be well practiced and ready to make fire.

Cheers Ooga, I think I may go try that.

My plan was to use Stone Age as a gateway for my gf and daughter before they play Agricola, good times ahead!

Welcome aboard, Chris!

Sorry for the delay, but I've been burning the candle at both ends,getting the last episode out AND ramping up for the INDY Awards, a film festival which the non-profit group I run hosts this coming weekend. I kept thinking today was Wednesday all day when in fact it is only Tuesday. Nice to gain time instead of lose it!

Glad you're enjoying the show thus far. Hopefully, it's painfully obvious we have a blast putting it together.

As for your dilemma....

Question: do you have access to a shrink wrap machine? If so, you could ogle the game and re-shrink it and no one would be the wiser (except for your heavy heavy conscience!). Then again, how could you resist punching out all the counters once the game is opened. Heh.

To pass the time, you could listen to Episode 57 where we cover Stone Age in some depth. Likewise, Scott Nicholson's Board Games with Scott has a great show covering Agricola, Episode 51, if I'm not mistaken. This way, you'll be ready to play as soon as you open the box.

Ahh, the sacred shrinkwarap machine, how I long for its plastic wrapyness:)

Your review of Stone Age was actually the reason I asked for the game. I kinda had an idea I'd enjoy it after reading various posts on the geek but your review and the detail you included describing the rules was the final straw, so thanks for that.

I've also just ordered a copy of Taluva after listening to your latest show, sounds like a winner for the family and for my non-gamer buddies.