Bear Down, Chicago Bears!

Let's go Bears!

Hey, we're not going to win that many this year, I have to rub it in while I can. +)


For their 6th pre-season game, the Colts looked all right.

Too bad everyone else started playing for real this week!

Though we obviously did not play well enough to win and made far to many mistakes, I think the fact that basically none of the starting teams had played or practiced together for the past four weeks certainly showed. The offense was just slightly out of synch all night. Passes that normall go for big gains were just out of reach or dropped. Runs that made first downs were stuffed. And defenders who normally fill gaps were left watching Forte run right past them.

Contrary to the fair weather fans who still haven't learned here in Indy, the sky is not falling. We lost a game. One of fifteen and all credit goes to the Bears. They were ready to play and we weren't.

Life doesn't get easier for us since we have to go to Minnesota next week and try to stop Adrian Peterson! I predict a 10-6 season for the boys in blue this year. Peyton's lack of practice, the loss of Jeff Saturday and a less experienced linebacking corps means we're going to lose a few more games than we have been used to in recent years. What matters is making the playoffs and getting the team to peak at the end of the season. I still think that's possible with this team.