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Episode 44 Mystery Connection: Twister & Crokinole

By sconway - Posted on 10 December 2007

Can YOU find the mystery connection between Twister and Crokinole?

Post your guesses here and you could win a set of custom Spiel dice!

spiel dice

Guess as many times as you like. If no one finds our mystery connection, we'll award the dice to the guess we think is the most creative.

Spiel on!


ozjesting's picture
In both games you can get in big trouble if your finger is not where it is supposed to be.
joeyhemlock's picture
I'll go with the connection of quadrants. A crokinole board is broken up into four quadrants in which a player must start their disc, and the spinner in Twister is broken up into four quadrants, one for each of the hands and feet to be placed on the colored dots. Mark Wilder(a.k.a. JoeyHemlock) Chicago IL
scooterb23's picture
A few random connections that came to mind. 1. The number 20. there are 20 dots on a Twister board. You get 20 points for getting one in the hole in Crokinole. 2. Circles - a crokinole board is normally round, the discs are round, and the board is broken up into scoring circles. A Twister board has the round dots, and the spinner a circle. 3. Music - My traditional music connection. In Moxy Fruvous' "King of Spain" the king plays crokinole. "Weird Al" Yankovic dida song about Twister called errr... "Twister" on his album Even Worse. 4. With winter coming...both games can involve slipping and sliding around. In Crokinole, the pieces slide around the board...and there even is a crokinole wax you can use to slick up your board. And who in college didn't have a rousing game of Crisco Twister? What...really? Just me... or how about just having your socks slip on the board, causing you to fall? There, that's better.
Steerpike's picture
Both games were invented by the Earl of Worcester just before he developed the sauce that English people put on their chips ('fries'). Both games require the player to get up and move around. Both are dexterity style games. Both games are related to the games in the List. Twister has a variant like the Handi game and Crokinole has the 'flick to kick' of Subutteo. You can buy duvet covers that look like the board/playing mat of both games. At least I'm pretty sure you can get a 'twister' duvet cover because Sam Healy claimed to have one in the last episode of the Dice Tower and it would be really cool if you could get a Crokinole one too. Both games can be won utilising the mythical 4-3-4 formation. I'm on a roll.............. ------------------------------------------------- We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games
J Moody's picture
Hopefully this isn't a duplicate post, but I don't see my attempt from yesterday. - Both require you to put your playing piece in the circle. - In both, if you don't bump your opponent, you wasted your turn.
Heyoka James's picture
I'll start with the simple guess first: Both are played on a slippery surface: crokinole on waxed wood and Twister on a vinyl playmat. The Gameplay option: After the first move, things must touch each other. Also, playing pieces going out of bounds is considered "out" The obscure based on date: 1966 saw the introduction of Twister and fragmenting of the Carrom Company (probably the most well known producer of crokinole boards) as three employees formed Merdel Manufacturing which produced a "Carom" board (notice the single R). Even more obscure by date: Shampaine Industries of St. Louis, MO buys Carrom Games. Their main product was institutional and hospital furniture. Twister requires that you move the furniture out of the way. :) 1PG Line Developer, Deep7 Inc. ( Art Director, Heyoka Studios ( Freelance writer at large
echack's picture
Obvious connection, as our hosts noted: Twister and Crokinole are both popular with Mennonites, esp. Naked Twister. Another connection: I went to a summer recreation program at the local YMCA, where we played Crokinole variant Carrom and Twister. Yet another: Both games are about circles: the spots on Twister, the spinner in Twister; the hole in Crokinole, the board (mostly) in Crokinole, the discs in Crokinole (which are multi-colored, like the spots in Twister), the blocking pegs in Crokinole. The Physics connection: Penrose's Twistor theory was seen as a way to solve the problem of Quantum Gravity. One of the areas of study in quantum gravity would be black holes. If we understand black holes, we might make them less dangerous - because if you get too near one you would die, or Croak in a hole.
RedV's picture
In the Crokinole boards Ive seen there are two sets of twelve disks or a total of 24 circles. In Twister there are four rows of six colored circles for a total of 24 circles.



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