Curling for Dummies

Well, I signed up for a Learn to Curl class at the Chicago Curling Club for November 2nd. It's too far away and I can't wait to throw some rocks! I suppose I should practice, you know, BENDING so that I don't throw my back out on the first attempt. Any advice for first-time curlers wit about two months to prepare?


Here are a few things that immediately leap to mind. I reserve the right to add to this list later (or ammend it if I come to my senses!)

wear layers. you're on ice, so it will be cold, but once you start moving around you may want to strip off a layer.

wear lose or stretchy workout type clothes. You'll be bending down to deliver the stones and you want to be sure you're comfortable and not (how to put it delicately?)  pinched or snug in places you don't want to be pinched or snug!

wear tennis shoes or shoes with good rubber soles. The ice is pebbled so it won't be as slick as skating or hockey ice, but having the extra help from the rubber is a good thing

teflon + ice = very slippery! the club will most likely have half show teflon sliders that you will put on over your tennis shoes. Be aware that you can slip and fall very easily once you have the slider on. My recommendation would be to put it on after you get into the hack and take it off as soon as you are done delivering the stone. After you do it a few times, you may be able to put it on while waiting between your two stones or even slide back after your delivery. Also make sure you take your slider off before you go to sweep! Tried that a few times. Ouch!

Ok that's a good start. I know there are some other more experienced curlers lurking out there. Help me get Mark off to a good start!