Spiel A Thon was Great !

Just got back from the Spiel- A-Thon and it will definitely be the highlight of this year's  Gencon.

Played some great games, meet some excellent gamers, saw the largest Dice Tower ever made and best of all, l got to play a game of Hive with Stephen.

Thanks Dave and Stephen for the podcast and for hosting a great event.


Scott "Shogun" Loeffler


I can't wait for somebody to share some pictures.  It sounds very fantastic.  How many games did you get to play?  I imagine there were no shortage of opponents, or games, but was it hard to find space to play?

Here's a link to my Gen Con pictures, which include quite a few from the Spiel-a-thon. 


I also had a fantastic time, highlighted by my close victory over Dave in my first-ever game of Cribbage (thanks for teaching me, Dave!).   I also got to play Witches' Brew, Race for the Galaxy, and Oregon.  No prizes for me this year, but there certainly werea ton given out!   I hope they do it again next year, because it was definitely a high point of my Gen Con!

Those are GREAT pictures, The Science (Mr. Science? Or can I just call you "The"?). That room is HUGE and PACKED! And everyone looks like they're having a great time!

The dice tower is almost as tall as David! Of course, so is that table. I KID, I KID!

Mark, The Nemesis.

Very neat to look at, and what a story they feed my imagiination.  It looks like an incredible time was had, and WOW that dice tower is a whole lot bigger than I imagined it might be.  Did it hold up through the whole spiel-a-thon?

and welcome to the world of cribbage as well.

Had a lot of fun.  Even though Dave beat me at Elch Fest, and Stephen beat me at Scopa... it continued the theme of the day where I came in dead last in every single game I played all day long.  That's rather besides the point though.   Thanks to everybody involved that made my one day at Gen Con a great experience.

I'm so glad you all had fun. I know we had a blast. There were so many people there playing games, it would be pretty hard NOT to have a good time. The best part was getting to meet and play with so many listeners. I know I only got about half the challengers on my list played during the course of the event. Sorry to those we didn't get to! There's always next year. 

And what can I say about the $700 raised other than wow! So great to know we have that kind of support from everyone in the game community from publishers to players.

We'll probably change things up with the next Spiel-a-thon (perhaps even a different convention!) but I know we'll cook up something equally fun.

I'm still recovering from the weekend and the all-nighter editing session, but once I get my bearings, I'll post some links to pics from the event here.