Forget Highlander

I give you... Outlander.  A movie with vikings, spacemen and aliens. What more could you want?



That was wierd. I had to do some research to check that it was real. The quality looked too good for a spoof, but I couldn't believe the plot.

I have a feeling that this one is destined for either the landfill, or it will be revered for years by a cult following. I am still a bit stunned.

If you look at the production company web site, it has already opened in Europe.

It has B-movie written all over it, for sure, but I'd certainly go see it if it comes to Indy! Even if its craptastic, there's plenty of room on the screen for crazy stuff like this.


I had a complete roller coaster of emotion during this little trailer.


First my natural love for all things viking kicked in at the very start.  For my high school history of western civ paper I wrote on how the vikings influenced manifest destiny.  (It was mostly based on my theory packed on top of historical essays on how the scandinavian menace influenced the discovery of america...but I got a 'B'  so why not.) Either way my first reaction was COOL!!


Followed closely by what the.....and I spent  a huge time worrying about aliens vs. vikings.  or vikings vs. predator.  or some other horrible contraption.


Then there were the dragons that had to bring up my whole rpg period.   If I were in therapy, I think I would find a cure for perfection of the past.  1st battlestar galactica (I haven't & c an't watch the new one until I reconcile the original)  2nd Batman Dark Knight....I sold those comics to pay for my prom.  They are meaningful in a way that is almost scary....I am afraid the movie will betray the memories.   so television was violated, then yes there is a fear to what will happen to my rpg memories.  (fortunately I have seen the Dungeons & Dragons movie (although not the sequel)  so I am a little prepares)  But then something triggered that bypassed all that.


   I saw vikings & spaceships.  i saw wariors & diplomats.  I saw swords & laser beams (although not light sabers thank goodness)  In all of that I did not see one woman.   Not a Kiss, not a Promise.  Now no I don't believe they would make a movie without women in it, and in truth that isn't the good part.  what is good is that they didn't even hint at a romantic  side story.   There was absolutely zero attempt at drawing a female audience.  What the means is that no matter how ridiculous the premise may seem, the writer focused on the story so much that the studio didn't bother to try a flimsy romantic sub-plot.  So no matter how twisted I percieve the premise, I am curious and interested to watch because I am confident the writers were totally focused on the story.


  Okay, so there is the chance that there is a major romantic sub-plot woven into the story that turned otu so bad that they don't even hint at it.  (why alienate 2 audiences when you can kindle hope in one?)   I prefer to live in a half full world.  I am excited by this movie.  If only to see how the story plays out, and to enjoy some (non hindered by worrying about the "fiancee" )  action.

Don't be so sure about the lack of a sub-plot.

Behold, the power of the editor!

Many movies have mutliple trailers cut from the same film to target different demographics. Weasely? Perhaps. But commonplace.

You could very well be right about the film, but don't be crushed if you buy your ticket and find a love story shoe-horned into the film somewhere.