Origins Meetup?

My Origins plans are pretty nebulous. With the craziness that has been my life for the past few weeks, I am definitely looking forward to some quality time playing games and taking it easy.

I am going to try and get all my interviews for the show done on Thursday and Friday during the afternoon. I probably won't play in any organized events, but I'll be looking for Spielers in the evening for games (and perhaps a meal) every night!

I have a CABS Board Room Ribbon so if you don't see me wandering about in the dealer's area (I'll be the dork in the Spiel shirt), look for me there.

Let's make some semblance of a plan here for those who might want to meet up. I'll be at the entrance to the Board Room around 6:30 PM on Friday and Saturday night. If anyone is interested, we'll grab a bite close by and then hit the game room. Feel free to email me at and we can exchange more detailed contact info if anyone is definitely interested in hooking up.


I would love to meet up and have a bite to eat, but I have a game from 4pm to 7:45pm on Saturday.  I will be in the Board Room after that, though.  See you there.

Doesn't anyone eat lunch around here? :)

I will have my family with me in Columbus, so dinner will probably be a time to meet back up and compare days. I will probably know more of my schedule once we figure out what day they are hitting the zoo, and what day they are going to COSCI. Also a lot will depend on how long Origins keeps my oldest (9) entertained, as I won't be in the board room when we are checking things out together.

All of my boys enjoy The Spiel, but since I think Dave was the one who wanted to upgrade his racehorse with rocket shoes on one of the episodes, he would have been the real hit. The Spiel is synonymous with rocket shoes in our house.

I'll be there from Thursday morning through Saturday night (and maybe a bit on Wednesday night, too). See y'all there!

I'm not sure what my schedule will be yet since I might have some of my family joining me for part of the show.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in the Board Game Room.

Well It's my first con and I'm heading there by myself (friend canceled) so I'd definitely be down for meeting, eating and gaming.  I neglected to get a Board Room ribbon during prereg - are they still available at the show?

P.S.  Because of my friend's cancellation, if anyone's looking for a spot in a hotel room (Hyatt on the Capitol Square), I've got one available.

We need a big table!

Looks like I won't have any problem spoting some Spielers for some fun and games. Excellent!

Definitely looking forward to meeting you all. There might even be some coveted Spiel dice on the line over the weekend...

I'll be around all weekend.  I'm planning on getting the board room ribbon there, and would definitely be up for some games, maybe some food or other assorted nonsense.  I'll be along with my friends, so they may tag along...or be too deep into the games to notice if I steal away for a while.


And J Moody, thanks to your family for supporting COSI (no second C ;) ) it helps keep me employed :D

Are you only going to be there on Thursday and Friday, or are you going to be there on the weekend days too? I've been offered a last-minute room and there's a decent(ish) airfare from California, so I'm thinking of it seriously. :)

-- Joe

I'll be there from Wednesday evening and heading home on Sunday. Got my Board Room and War Room ribbons all set up. Hope to see you there Steven. Don't work too hard!

As a first (and an aside) I convinced my Wife to go to my first BGG.con. Any Spieler's hitting that as well? I guess that's for a different thread.

Dale (The Penguin) Larson


My plan is to camp out in the Board Room when I am not doing interviews in the dealer's room or out for a meal, so I bet we won't have a hard time hooking up.

As for BGG Con or others, much depends on budget. Francie and I had been planning a trip to Europe for the Fall (to include Essen) and a hop down to Dallas for BGG Con. With the new house expenses, I'm not sure the Spiel budget (and the personal budget) can do either.

We're most likely giving up on Essen this year due to circumstances beyond our control, but I hope we may find the money for BGG Con. Much depends on the ongoing repairs. From all accounts, BGG Con would be ridiculously fun and I am hoping Dave may be able to sneak away from the theatre for a weekend. Stay tuned...

I'm very tempted by BGG.CON, but I have some work schedule issues this year (project deadlines) that mean that I cannot actually PLAN for it... that's why I went ahead and just booked Origins. I'll get in Friday at about 4:45pm and try to get as many games in as possible before about 4pm on Sunday!!

-- Joe