Hey! That's My Fish variants

I wanted to post some H!TMF variants we play.
> The first was created by my 5 year old.  If your penguins get separated
> or isolated by himself, you can spend your turn to float him back to the
> rest of the ice flow.
> Second - Fish Hunter - play with the tiles upside down where you don't
> know how many fish you are getting.  Very fun.
> Holes - turn some of the tiles upside down in a regular game to create
> holes in the ice.  Another version of this lets you spend your turn to
> bump another penguin into a hole thereby costing him a turn to get out. 
> Beware!
> These are lots of fun.


These variants look really cool. Thanks, Tom!

Next time we get Hey That's My Fish out, I'm definitely going to try some of them.

And don't forget that with two players you play with 4 penguins each but with three it's only 3 penguins each and with four players you only get two penguins.

Thanks for catching that oversight, Musti.

You are correct, I didn't stress the different number of penguins for different numbers of players in my explanation. Makes the game even more strategic, for sure.