The Spiel Effect

These are games that I probably would not have bought, but after listening to their mention on The Spiel I purchased:

Pizza Box Baseball
Box of Golf
Zombie Fluxx
To Court the King

These are games that, while I didn't immediately run out and buy them, I'd like to get if I ever happen across them:


Please note that I don't feel like you've recommended them, per se, but your detailed description and impressions convinced me that they were games that I'd enjoy also (and so far it's worked well).


That's quite a list. Very cool!

When we cover a game on the show, we hope we give you enough information to make an informed decision when it comes to spending your gaming dollars. Especially since our taste in games is more wide and varied than a lot of players,  we don't expect every game we dig into to appeal to everyone.

Our goal is to show how you can have the most fun with the widest variety of games possible. If anything, we take special interest in games that whether because of their theme, their components or their reputation you might overlook. It's really cool when we hear someone tried and liked a game they would have dismissed or looked past if not for the show.

I'd definitely give Lexio a go if you get a chance. We really had fun with that one.