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By scooterb23 - Posted on 08 September 2007

Ok, time to christen this forum with a question for any of the OCD faitful out there. We've all been at a thrift store, and seen that game from our childhood that brings back such memories, that we don't mind parting with our hard earned $1.91. Then we get the game home, and we see a pawn from Sorry, 5 different colors of dice, a few missing cards, and a thimble from Monopoly. The game is not complete. My question is, do you folks have a system for dealing with these games? Do you have a list on your computer of what pieces are missing? Post-it notes on the box? Start buying every copy you see in a store hoping to complete the first copy? Or do you say the heck with it, dump the pieces in a random piece box, and toss the rest in the dumpster?
Hi, my name is Ken and I'm an OCD game collector... Okay - Thrift store finds. It depends on the goal of the find. If I'm shopping for pieces / parts - then I take what I can get from the game. If I'm shopping for a game - I inventory the game and make a note of the missing pieces (or pieces to replace due to damage, etc). The paper goes with the game. Since I also have a custom Database for my collection, I also record what is missing for the game and mark the game as having missing pieces. In general, I avoid thrift finds if they are of very low quality.
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For $1.91, if the game looks cool (component or theme or mechanic) and is playable or just has rad dice - it's mine, all mine!! It's not until I get home that the OCD gene kicks in. I jump on-line and find out everything you could ever want to know about the game - designers first born, whether it can be used as a drinking game - all the important stuff. If, at this point, I deem the game worthy (remember, worthy is very subjective here, as I do own a copy of Crocodile Pool Party!) of becoming a member of my "All Complete Game Collection" I will do almost anything (with the possible exception of cementing dice to my very sensitive pate) to bring it up to snuff. During the time (may be several years) in which the game is in less than perfect shape, I notate all imperfections in my, surprise, very detailed database. If a game is judged not worthy, I cannibalize it for its goober and jettison the rest - and yes, by jettison, I sometimes mean seal hermetically and store in my attic.

Confessions of an OCD

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I think the internet has made us all into OCD's. I don't like buying second hand stuff as I love to be the first to open the boxand breath in that new game smell. However, before hand I will look up the gamesand see whats in the box. If something is missing then I will look for or make substitutes. I blame the geek for making it easy for me to submit the times I play games. The horror!!! This would never have crossed my mind until I saw the little icon. Its launched a new strain of OCC's. Count Zero Everyone listens to reason. .......Neal Stephenson....Snowcrash
I started using the games played tracker on BGG the same day it became available and I've never looked back! I track every single game I play. When I get home from game night (or after everyone leaves my house), it's the very first thing I do. As far as buying/trading for secondhand games, I do trade a LOT of games but usually, about 95% of the time, I'm pretty happy with the condition of the game. Ebay is a different monster than BGG though. Ebay sellers have a very different definition of "complete in very good condition" than BGGers do! But I get GREAT joy out of trading/buying a game that I THINK is used, only to discover that's it's still in shrink! I love those surprises and it's happened a lot to me. Thrift stores are more ofter than not full of crap. But I've make some spectacular finds, however you need to be diligent about checking them. One of my best finds was a copy of Fireball Island I found at a Goodwill for $1.95...after I played it I turned around and resold it on ebay for over $50 (to my gleeful surprise). I love opening a new game and I always immediately bag up the pieces, print out some player aids from the geek and add them to the box, and I may even add things such as bags for tiles or extra dice. However, there's been a few times now where I removed the shrink, had the game for years and never played it, decided I no longer wanted to play it anyway, and so then resold it. Unfortunately the game would have sold for a lot more if it had still been in the shrinkwrap. I've gone through numerous game phases, war games specifically, but after buying a bunch of them and not playing them I realize that I'm NOT a wargamer and sell the games. So I don't ALWAYS rip off the shrinkwrap anymore, especially if it's a particularly long or complex game. Am I OCD? You tell me... - All my games are stored on shelves, many shelves, not just one big one. Many are spined but if not there's no more than 4-5 stacked (by box size of course!!) - I have a room in my house (a small room mind you) that houses nothing but my games and my computer, nothing else. - All of my game pieces are bagged, in counter trays, or in plastic containers of some kind. - I don't use rubber bands, I use platibands or else small cloth elastic hair...things (I dunno what they're called). The expensive kind without the metal band. - All of my thousands upon thousands of CCG cards are in plastic card sleeves. As are any cards from board games that will fit in them. Penny sleeves for the CCGs, the good kind for my board games. - All those CCGs? Stored in large boxes made for cards, sort by type and alphabetized. My Magic for example are organized by color first, then by letter. - Yes, I have the complete Alea big box series and they have their very own shelf. - I track every game I play on BGG along with every game I currently own, previosly owned, and have ever played. - Expansions are the bane of my gaming existence. I must own them regardless of whether I'll actually ever play them. Stupid Fantasy Flight... Ok, I'll stop... -Jim Carvin



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