Something for the list: Manoeuvre

Hi Guys,

My wife and I have just got hooked on this wargame/euro crossover from GMT:

Not the top-of-the-line components from the Euro perspective but it's an amazingly replayable game. It keeps selling out. Caught wind of it on point2point podcast.

Spiel on! and see you at Origins.



Hey Dale.

Manoeuvre sits at #112 on The List right now. :)  Jeff Horger, the designer, listens to the show and very kindly sent us a copy right after the release just a couple months ago. I've read through the rules a bit and from what I skimmed, it looks great; just the kind of war game I really enjoy. Just have to find time to get it to the table!

Origins plans are a little sketchy right now. Unless some sort of miracle occurs, it will probably be just me attending (if the Origins people ever get back with me, that is). Dave has a schedule conflict with the theatre and can't get time off to come. Curses!

Spiel on!