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We offer monthly sponsorships which cover both The Spiel and Major Fun.

Sponsorship gives you access to an active, responsive community of listeners with a shared passion for games including many people new to the hobby and plenty of lifelong enthusiasts.  Families, teachers, scientists, artists, professionals, students, and retirees all count themselves among our audience. Put simply, if you are involved in the business of games, The Spiel and Major Fun reach your customers in ways that traditional advertising cannot.

Between podcast downloads, web site traffic, and social media reach, the sponsorship will reach an audience of at least 50,000 people. (a detailed audience breakdown is listed below). 

Our sponsorship plans come in two forms: 

1. Regular Monthly Sponsorship of The Spiel & Major Fun

2. Convention Month Sponsorship (August/October)



Bezier Games,  HABA, Blue Orange, Gigamic, Cheapass Games, Stronghold Games, Portal Games, Greater Than Games, MAGE Company, Artipia Games, Crash Games, CSE Games, Asmadi Games, Game Salute, Split Second Games, APE Games, Funnybone Toys, many Kickstarter campaigns,

Game Retailers

Starlit Citadel, Time Well Spent, Gateplay

Geek Culture

Geek Nation Tours, Board Game


We produce 3 game reviews each month during our 10 month season. The first half of our season is February to June. The second half is August to December. 

Special rates apply to August and October sponsors, since they also include our GenCon and Essen convention coverage (full details are listed below).

Regular monthly sponsorships cover the game review content we produce during non convention months.

2 reviews are audio programs which are released on The Spiel's podcast feed with an episode listing posted on the and

One review is written and is posted to and

Each game reviewed receives an award: the Major Fun Award or the Spiel of Approval Award. These awards are recognized internationally as badges of quality and many publishers place our award logos on game boxes.


Each monthly sponsor receives 2 audio ads, 2 web site ads and 2 social media shout outs.


We will play a 20-30 second ad that runs at the top of every audio episode we produce during your month of sponsorship.

We can write and record the ad or you can provide us with a script or a pre-recorded ad.

We will also thank you and mention you as a sponsor at the end of each episode.


We will include a graphic ad on and linked to your business during the month of your sponsorship.


We will post two sponsor shout-outs on The Spiel's Twitter and Facebook accounts, including links to your business during the month of your sponsorship.


We only accept 4 sponsors each month. This means your ads are not lost among the crowds.  Being a sponsor on The Spiel gives your business an opportunity to stand out and insures we will give each ad the individual attention and service it deserves.


Our Audience: Listeners

Many in our audience download & listen as soon as new episodes are released. This initial audience is at least 2,500 listeners within two weeks of release.

This initial audience does not tell the whole story, though. Because episodes are always available and many listeners do not download each episode immediately and because new listeners continue to discover the show, the audience for each episode increases significantly over time, often doubling or tripling. To account for these listeners, on average, each episode eventually reaches at least 4,000 - 5,000 listeners.

This also means each ad has an extended lifespan (and value) well beyond its inital release date. Past sponsors still receive responses on a regular basis from ads that ran several years ago.

Our Audience: Readers

Our sites, and, collectively average 35,000 unique visitors each month. 

Our Audience: Social Media

The Spiel has over 5,000 followers on Twitter, I have over 1,200 friends on Facebook and The Spiel's Facebook page has nearly 1,000 followers.

Our Audience: Total

Between our audio program and our web and social media presence, a conservative estimate shows your ads can reach 50,000 people over the course of a month, if not more.


Single Month Sponsorship: $250  (.005 cents per person!)

A discount is available based on the duration of the sponsorship. 

5 Month Sponsorship: $1175 (save $75) 



In August and October, we attend GenCon and Essen, the largest game conventions in North America and Europe, each year and record a series of 7 discussion panels live from the trade show floor during the event. These panels are directed discussions on a specific topic with an engaging mix of designers, publishers and artists in the game industry.   

The interviews are edited and release shortly after the convention - one panel discussion each day for seven days.

Here's a link to our 2016 GenCon coverage


Conventions like GenCon and Essen bring so many amazing, creative minds in the world of games together. Our coverage gives listeners a seat at the table with great designers and publishers in the industry; people the typical game rmight not be able to sit down and chat with at a con. Best of all, each interview is not part of a sales pitch, but a genuine conversation. Each interview is an event - a reason to take note and tune in. This kind of discussion is something you wont find anywhere else.


Our interviews generate a great deal of interest around the world in the weeks following each convention.

In 2016, each GenCon panel episode had at least 3,500 - 4,000 downloads in the first few weeks after release. Because this content is evergreen, the download numbers for these discussions continue to rise over time.


Just like a regular month, each GenCon/Essen month sponsor will receive ads on both web sites and two social media shout outs throughout the month

GenCon/Essen month sponsors receive a 30-45 second audio ad on one GenCon/Essen panel episode.

Each sponsor also received an additional social media shout out on the day that episode releases.

Put simply, you get an extra audio ad and social media shout out in August and October!

There's one small tweak to the way we do ads on the regular review episodes in Augsut and October: the audio ads for each GenCon/Essen sponsor during regular game review episodes released will be shorter in length to accomodate the additional number of sponsors we allow. Rather than the full ad, we collectively list and thank all GenCon/Essen sponsors by naming them and mentioning an appropriate link for more information.


Your sponsorship ad will appear at the beginning of the episode. 

The ad will be a 30-45 second spot.

We can write and record the ad or you can provide us with a script or pre-recorded ad.


We will post a sponsor shout-out to The Spiel's Twitter and Facebook account, including a link to your business on the day(s) of your sponsorship. We will also post an additional shout out to all sponsors when our coverage concludes.


The basic rate for a GenCon/Essen Month sponsorship reflects the added value of our convention coverage.

August/October (GenCon/Essen) Monthly Sponsorship:  $350

As mentioned, this sponsorship includes one ad on one convention panel episode.

Sponsors may wish to have their ads appear on additional GenCon/Essen episodes beyond the first. The price for each additional ad on a GenCon/Essen episode is $125.

So, for example: 

3 Day GenCon/Essen Sponsorship: $600 ($350 + $250)

7 Day GenCon/Essen Sponsorship: $1100 ($350 + $750)


Let's put things in perspective. A 7 Day GenCon/Esen Sponsorship would be 7 audio ads, 1 on each GenCon/Essen episode plus 2 audio ads on the regular review episodes, for a total of 9 audio ads. Plus the web site ads and 3 social media shout outs.

Each convention episode reaches 3,500 - 4,000 initial listeners. Each regular episode reaches 2,500 - 3,000 initial listeners. Using the most conservative figures, that's nearly 30,000 listeners to the audio ads. Plus 35,000 unique visitors to the web sites combined. Plus 5,000 followers on Twitter and 1,000 on Facebook. The low end estimate of a 7 Day sponsorship's reach is 70,000 ears and eyes.

One way of quantifying a sponsorhip's value is by showing how many people you reach with the dollars you spend. The $1100 7-Day Sponsorship works out to 1.57 cents per audience member!

Doing the same math for a the $350 GenCon/Essen sponsorship comes out like this.

1 GenCon/Essen episode: 3,500 listeners

Regular review episodes: 2,500 (x2) = 5,000 listeners

Web site unique visitors: 35,000

Social Media: 5,000 (Twitter), 1,000 (FB) = 6,000

Total Audience: 49,500

So, a $350 sponsorship divided by 49,500 comes to .07 cents per audience member!

The main point is to demonstrate that at any level of sponsorship, you are paying pennies (or fractions of pennies) on the dollar to reach an audience of significant size!


We limit the number of sponsor ads to 4 for each day of our convention coverage. 

Questions? Contact me!

I am happy to answer any questions you might have about our show, our rates, or any of the above. We’re willing to work with you on a deal that best suits us both. Feel free to contact me any time. Thanks for your interest.

Stephen Conway 


phone: 317-937-1046

twitter: @thespiel

boardgamegeek: sconway



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