Essen 2019 - Teaching & Learning Board Games-1

Release Date: Nov. , 2019

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One of the greatest challenges that unites designers, publishers, and players is how best to teach and learn a game. From reading the rules, to online instruction, and teaching at the table, there's no single method for success since players learn in so many different ways. We sit down with a team of experts to see how they approach teaching games and how they factor in different learning styles.

The panel:

Paul Grogan (Gaming Rules)

Ella Ampongan (Ella Loves Board Games)

Stella Jahja (Meeple University)

Rodney Smith (Watch It Played)

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.


Pauk Grogan | Gaming Rules

Ella Ampongan  | Ella Loves Board Games

Stella Jahja | Meeple University

Rodney Smith | Watch It Played