Episode 53 Connection Contest: Conspiracy & Elk Fest

Can YOU create a connection between Conspiracy and Elk Fest?

Post your connections here and you could win a set of custom Spiel dice!

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Guess as many times as you like. And remember, the mosre left of center your connection, the more likely you'll get our attention. :)

Spiel on!



The connection is "bullpucky." In Elchfest, players flick small *pucks* for *bull* moose to step across. In Conspiracy, players utilize bluffing, known in genteel company as "bullpucky."

ANSWER: Boy Scouts

REASONING: If you care to know what the "real" Elk Fest is, it's a weekend event in Colorado that takes place once a year. The weekend is centered around a "Boy Scout" Elk antler auction. So...
Bruce Willis is the star of The Last "Boy Scout"
Bruce starred with Morgan Freeman in "Lucky Number Slevin"
Morgan Starred with Jennifer Aniston in "Bruce Almighty"
Jennifer starred with Gary Cole in "Office Space" (Bill Lumburgh)
Gary Cole stars in......"Conspiracy" - a 2008 soon to be released movie with Val Kilmer. TA DA!!!!!!


Is the link Jason Bourne

Who features in the Bourne Conspiracy, and of course, the creatures are borne across the river in Elk Fest



The most obvious connection is the Iran-Contra Affair connection. Where there was a CONPIRACY involving OLLIE (one of the names of the Elk in Elk Fest) North to sell weapons to Iran. Bonus connection, since Iran-Contra is a card in Twilight Struggle.

Conspiracy and Moose - with Boris and Natasha always having some sort of conspiracy against Rocky and Bullwinkle, the answer has to be Bullwinkle.

Here's your connection - The song:


Spy Who Loved Moose by Bentley Rhythm Ace!



You Spielers are cracking me up. All the connections so far are awesome! It's going to be tough to pick just one. Keep up the insanity!!