Essen 2018 Panels

I am very excited to announce the lineup of  topics and guests for our 2018 Essen panels!

I'll be recording 7 discussions with an amazing group of smart, creative, fun-loving people in the game industry. Each episode will release shortly after the event. 


We are actively and eagerly looking for sponsors for our coverage. Each Essen panel reaches a large slice of the game playing public. This is an audience you can reach for fractions of pennies on the dollar! For full details, email or click here


2018 Essen Panels


The 25 Year Club

Each guest on this panel has a special perspective on the playful world we live in today, because they helped create it.

We'll chat about how they have seen the landscape of games, publishing, and the game playing world change over the past quarter century.


Bruno Faidutti (

Michael Schacht (

Martin Wallace ( | wiki)


Whither the Rulebook?

Some publishers are moving away from traditional rulebooks to video tutorials or even third party teachers. What responsibility does the publisher have regarding the rules and teaching players how to play? What form should a rulebook take in the 21st century?


Ted Alspach (Bezier Games)

Ignacy Trzewiczek (Portal Games)

Paul Grogan (Gaming Rules!)

Jouni Jussila (Dized)


Communication in Games

Game designers get to shape the ways players communicate. This communication can be verbal, visual, physical or even mental. Often it is the limitations, the boundaries a game places on communication that creates the challenge and the fun. We'll explore how communication can shape the enjoyment we discover in games.


Antoine Bauza (

Rory O'Connor (HUB Games)

John Knoerzer (The Spiel!)

*pending confirmation on 1 other guest


Games Where You Learn By Accident (on purpose)

We're inviting a group who make/design games (both light and heavy) that end up educating players in some way even though the game itself is not overtly a teaching tool. We'll explore the sneaky ways we learn through play. How games promote this type of learning. How to achieve it.


Phil Eklund (Sierra Madre Games)

Paulo Soledade (What's Your Game?)

Nuno Bizarro Sentiero (What's Your Game?)

Tanya Thompson (Hasbro)


What's In A Name?

We'll explore the importance and process behind finding the right title for a game. What factors weigh in when deciding on a title? Do you think about the international market, translation issues, or conflicting titles? The game itself needs to be fun and quality, of course, but the right or wrong name can have a big impact on the audience for a game and how well the game does in the marketplace


Stephen Buonocore (Stronghold Games, Indie Game Studios)

Friedemann Friese (2F Spiele)

Kuba Polkowski (NSKN)

Sara Erickson (Renegade Game Studios)


Game Culture Around the World

There's no doubt the world of games is global. We are all united by our love of fun and the joy games can bring to everyone at the table. But what many may not realize is how gaming culture is different depending on where you play. The idea for this panel is to explore gaming culture in several different parts of the world (as players, designers, publishers, etc.) through the eyes of people engaged with that culture.


Elad Goldsteen (Golden Egg Games - Israel)

Servando Carballar/Guillermo Soria (Gen X Games - Spain)

Smoox Chen (Taiwan Boardgame Design - Taiwan)


The State of the Industry

A free-wheeling discussion about the present and future of the board game industry from a publishing and player's perspective. 


Helena Tzioti (

Katie Aidley (Katie's Game Corner)

Odd Hackwelder (Hacko Games, Ink Play Manufacturing)