Episode 52 Connection Contest: Luck Plus & Password

Can YOU create a connection between Luck Plus and Password ?

Post your connections here and you could win a set of custom Spiel dice!

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Guess as many times as you like. And remember, the mosre left of center your connection, the more likely you'll get our attention. :)

Spiel on!



The connection between Password and Luck Plus is 115.

If you assign a number to each of the letters of password and luck plus (a=1, b=2, etc.), then add up the numbers, password and luck plus equal the same total, which is 115.

Sorry for the delay in working out the connection.



I had been doing this exact calculation time after time thinking it would surely be the connection one of these days... Well done.

I vote for DaveNI's Answer!

Both games are related to game shows.

Password is based on the game show Password (of course).

Luck Plus is related to the game show High Rollers, which in turn is based on the game Shut The Box.


I realize coming up with a viable connection to some of these games must be difficult... especially considering the backlash you must get when they are understandably off-the-wall.

However, I much prefer the challenge of trying to get into your brains than coming up with a connection ourselves.

With that said... :-)

The obvious connection is "Password Plus":
Password Plus (TV Show)

i was so ready to come up with a great witty connection....until I saw DaveNI's. That's plain crazy...anyone actually test it?

if my first try was too tame...

Password was played by the guys in The Odd Couple...

Luck Plus was played by an odd couple of guys...

Here are some quotes from that great episode:

(the password is "birds")
Felix: Aristophanes!
Allen Ludden & Betty White: Aristophanes???
Felix: It's a perfect clue! Everybody knows Aristophanes wrote a play called "The Birds"!

(Felix gives "Lincoln" in response to "sauce," "meat" and previous guess, "mayonnaise")
Oscar: Lincoln???
Felix: It's a known fact that Lincoln loved mayonnaise!

My 115 theory needs a name

So Password and Luck Plus have a Conway-Coleson Convergence of 115.



The connection has to be the game "Insite: The Party Game of Predicting the Future"

because "Luck +" "Insite" into a person lets you guess their "Password"

I've been having a heck of a time trying to come up with anything once my Password / High Rollers connection was taken...but I finally have something.

The connection is: COMPUTER HACKING!

You see Luck + Patience = Stealing a Password which leads to a HACKED COMPUTER!

It sounded a lot better in my head...