2018 GenCon Panels

I am very excited to announce the lineup of  topics and guests for our 2018 GenCon panels!

We'll be recording 7 discussions with an amazing group of smart and creative people in the game industry. Each episode will release shortly after the con. 

NOTE: We are actively and eagerly looking for sponsors for our coverage. Each GenCon panel reaches a large slice of the game playing public. This is an audience you can reach for fractions of pennies on the dollar! For more information, click here, or email stephen@thespiel.net


2018 GenCon Panels


Game Development 

The relationship between publisher and designer 


Matt Leacock   (designer, Pandemic & many others)

Christopher Badell  (Greater Than Games)

Geoff Engelstein   (designer, The Expanse & many others)

Ray Wehrs   (Calliope Games) 

Jason Hill (Flying Frog Productions)


Representation in Board Games 

As designers/publishers/players, what choices can we make & what steps can we take to help the world of games reflect the vast variety players in it? 


Sen Foong Lim   (designer, Junk Art, Belfort & many others) 

Marguerite Cottrell  (game reviewer, new member of Team Spiel!)

Katie Aidley   (Katie's Game Corner)

Isaac Vega   (Plaid Hat Games, designer, Dead of Winter, Ashes) 


Games As Teaching Tools

Using games to teach and develop life/classroom skills 


Kathleen Mercury   (middle school teacher; designer, Dirty Dragons) 

Beth Heile   (assistive tech. expert, new member of Team Spiel!) 

John Knoerzer (clinical social worker, new member of Team Spiel!)


The Art of the Pitch

How to sell your game design to a publisher 


Daryl Andrews   (Maple Games; designer, Sagrada) 

Mike Selinker  (Lone Shark Games; designer Pathfinder Card Game)

Stephen Buonocore  (Stronghold Games)

Tim W.K. Brown  (designer, Wreck Raiders, Order of Invention)


Media Roundtable

Discussion of hot industry topics 


Scott Alden   (co-founder, boardgamegeek.com) 

Marguerite Cottrell  (game reviewer, new member of Team Spiel!)

Eric Summerer  (Dice Tower Network)

Bebo  (Be Bold Games, aka Brittanie Boe)


The Mixed Blessings of Media Tie-Ins   

What design & publishing challenges are unique to working with a media license? 


Rob Daviau   (Restoration Games; designer, Pandemic: Legacy) 

James Ernest  (Cheapass Games; designer, Tak, Kill Dr. Lucky)

David Brashaw  (Backspindle Games; designer, Guards, Guards!)

Francesco Nepitello  (designer, War of the Ring,  Marvel Heroes)


Crossing the Cardboard & Digital Divide

Adapting board games for the digital world


Ted Alspach  (Bezier Games; designer, Castles of Mad King Ludwig)

Tim Fowers  (Fowers Games; designer, Burgle Bros, Paperback)

Tim Burell-Saward (Sensible Object)