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Episode 34 Connection Contest: Roma & Babel

By sconway - Posted on 06 August 2007

Can YOU find the mystery connection between Roma and Babel?

Post your guesses here and you could win a set of custom Spiel dice! Guess as many times as you like. If no one finds our mystery connection, we'll award the dice to the guess we think is the most creative.

Spiel on!


otscotty's picture
Ok, here goes: Roma is a type of tomato. Babel is a highly-acclaimed film by Mexican director, Inarritu. This film has a 68% rating (Certified Fresh) on the movie review website, Rotten tomatoes. 68 A.D. is the year that Nero, the last Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, committed suicide. Richard Berg reportedly considered committing suicide after receiving a 3.6 rating on for his game, Nero. IceBERG lettuce goes great with Roma tomatoes! Thank you. Thank you very much... otscotty (aka "knucklebones") I ain't no freakin monument to justice!
sconway's picture

Your mind is a freaky place, Scotty, but I like the way you think!

I thought you were trying to pander to me at first with the Innaritu reference. Among the other hats I wear in life is the President hat for the Indiana Film Society. Our Fall Film Series includes an earlier film by Innaritu, Amores Perros.

otscotty's picture
Actually, I probably only know about Inarritu because of the Spiel. You once answered a listener's question about your favorite non-gaming podcasts. I've been hooked on Filmspotting ever since. Favorite Filmspotting-Recommended Films Seen Lately: -The Fountain, Science of Sleep Least Favorite Filmspotting-Recommended Films Seen Lately: -Pan's Labyrinth, Clerks otscotty (aka "knucklebones) I ain't no freakin monument to justice!
Blott's picture
I'll take BIBLICAL LOCALES for five hundred, Alex. Probably too obvious, but at least I tried.
scooterb23's picture
Well, obviously the connection is fish. A company in Italy makes the Fluval Roma line of aquariums. The Babel Fish is of course, the fish from Douglas Adams' wonderful Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Simple as pie! Mmmm pie...
sconway's picture
You don't know how hard I tried to make the Babel fish connection work with this one...
The Master of Orion's picture
1. Both games have two kinds of cards: Building cards and Character cards 2. Both games have six areas of play for each player(counting the temple draw pile in Babel) 3. Both games allow you to strip points from your opponent to better your position. 4. Both games are for two players. 5. Both games can be played in 45 minutes. 6. Both games have a common thread of 10 victory points. In Roma you start out with 10 and lose VPs from there. In Babel, if your opponent reaches 15 VPs and you have less than 10, then the game is over and you have lost. If you have more than 10 VPs, the game continues. 7. Given the opportunity, I could kick the Spielmeisters' arses in both games.
sconway's picture

Master of Orion, you're a first time guesser and the gloves have already come off! Nice! But idle boasts won't win you any dice yet, mister. :) Dave can be pretty evil, especially when playing Babel.


Both game titles are actually films. The aforementioned Babel, directed by Inarritu in 2006, and Fellini's Roma from 1972. David Levin NY
Steerpike's picture
Hey, you started without me ! OK, so the obvious ones: Both games have building cards and character/people cards Both games depend on you taking points from your opponent to win the game. (Both games are more about destroying than building) Both games have slightly confusing endgame conditions that the Spiel dudes do not seem to grasp. All roads lead to Rome but nobody can pin point where Babel was (it predated the motorways). Rome wasn't built in a day and nor, I suspect, was Babel. Both locations Declined and Fell, though at different rates. Both games are language independent which is kind of amusing given the Babel link. Babel represented the divergence of ancient languages which were subsequently re-united under the lingua franca of Latin. Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Not only could I kick the Spielmeisters' arses in both games but I also fancy my chances against Orion. ------------------------------------------------- We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games
How about the similarities of the game box illustrations? Both have a horse or horses(with rider or chariot), charging a standing, armed,caped, feather-helmeted defender(sword or bow and arrow), near buildings aglow in the golden light of a sunset. With the name of the game in big red letters. Don't send Mr. Magoo to your FLGS to buy one of these.



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