Gen Con 2017


Release Date: August 24, 2017

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Running Time:   3 hr 3 min

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Gen Con is a grand gathering of all things geek. This year the convention celebrates its 50th anniversary with over 60,000 attendees! Every slice of the nerd pie can be found in Indianapolis for four wonderfully exhausting days of fun and games. 

This amazing variety means that no two people have the same Gen Con experience. Everyone's Gen Con is different.

This is the story of our Gen Con - a tale packed with special guests, discussions of over 30 games, interviews, and lots and lots of laughs.

Show notes continue after the break.

Asmodee Digital     Link  


Barenpark     Mayfair Games  |  BGG 

Button Men     Cheapass Games  |  BGG  

Carnival of Monsters     Amigo Spiele  |  BGG 

Cobra Paw     Bananagrams  |  BGG 

Contessa     Link

Custom Heroes     AEG  |  BGG  

Dance of the Fireflies     Backspindle Games  |  BGG 

Dicefest     Link

Dr Lucky's Mansion That Is Haunted     Cheapass Games  |  BGG  

Endeavor     Official Site  |  BGG  

Fast Food Fear     Devir  |  BGG  

Insider     Oink Games |  BGG  

Junk in my Trunk     CSE Games  |  BGG  

Kevin Cook

Last Night on Earth 10th Anniversary     Flying Frog  |  BGG  

Lazer Ryderz     Greater Than Games  |  BGG  

Level Up Dice  

Magic Maze     Sit Down  |  BGG  

Mongolian Goat Rodeo    BGG  

News @11     BGG 

Okey Dokey     TMG  |  BGG  

Pairs     Cheapass Games  |  BGG  

Pinball Showdown     Shoot Again Games  |  BGG 

Pirate 21      BGG  

Shadows of Brimstone     Flying Frog  |  BGG  

Sheep & Thief     Pegasus Spiele  |  BGG  

Michael Strogoff     Devir  |  BGG  

Stroop     Grand Gamers Guild  |  BGG  

The End is Nigh     Mystic Ape Games  |  BGG  

Unlock     Space Cowboys  |  BGG  

Vegas Wits & Wagers     North Star Games  |  BGG  

Viral     Arcane Wonders |  BGG  

Werewords     Bezier Games  |  BGG  

Witching Hour      BGG  

Word Slam    Thames & KOSMOS  |  BGG  


Music credits include:

James Bond Theme     by Ray Baretto     Cover the Earth 6

Welcome to the Jungle     by 2Cellos     Cover the Earth 6

Mao     by Don Sornrabeab     Cover the Earth 6

Thunderstruck  by Red Hot Chili Pipers     Cover the Earth 6

Money for Nothing     by Ukelele Clan Band     Cover the Earth 6