Top Five Games in WebKinz World

Gloria Mundi shmundi... The young gaming crowd would rather know what is hot at If you haven't seen it, you have to check it out -- they have some great old time games the kids can play. Connect Four, Battleship, and more... We need the Game Sommelier to weigh-in. What are the top five games in WebKinz world? The gamers of tomorrow need to know!


I like the idea of doing a Sommelier challenge related to kids games. We'll see what we can do on that front.

I don't like the idea of reviewing a site that makes you buy stuffed animals to play classic games you could play without having to buy a toy. The user interface on webkinz looks cool and I can see why kids would like it.

The Spiel, though, is about games and webkinz seems more like a vehicle for selling toys.


Ok. I

Even to a little one, I can make a distinction between a toy and a game.

A game is like a story in that it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. A game has structure. These structures are both physical and mental. It has physical components: a board, cards, pawns, dice, plastic figurines - components which I freely admit could very well also be used as toys. But the defining characteristic of a game are its rules. These are the game's mental structures. The rules guide you through the story the game is trying to tell. Put simply, the rules tell you how to play.

A toy has a physical structure, but no rules. It does not tell you how to play with it. It is up to the player to determine how the toy can be used and this opens up millions of new possibilities and ways to have fun. The player makes the rules, in other words.

A game tells you how to play with it and have fun. A toy lets the player decide how to play and have fun.

I love 'em both and I understand that a game's components can also be used for fun as toys, but toys and games are separate animals in my mind.

My two girls are crazy for these things. They're like the return of cabbage patch dolls or beanie babies.

"To alcohol! The cause of and solution to all of life's problems." -- Homer J. Simpson

I was guessing they must be the fad du jour in the collectible toy cycle. So glad my days of being mobbed by little old ladies for Beanie Babies is long long gone...