You are hereEpisode 33: Origins 2007

Episode 33: Origins 2007

33: Origins 2007

Release Date: July 9, 2007

Running Time: 114 min.

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ep 33

Wood burning, Richard Borg, and dismembered robots. We take an inside look at Origins International Game Expo.

News & Notes: Spiel des Jahres wrap-up
Blood & Cardstock, Game Science, Knucklebones Magazine, Blue Panther, Richard Borg, Bent Castle, Shifting Skies, StrataMax, Robot Martini

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Game News & Notes

2007 Spiel Des Jahres Winner: Zooloretto. link

Origins Interviews

Blood & Cardstock Link

Game Science Dice Link

Blue Panther Link

Knucklebones Magazine Link

Richard Borg Link

Bent Castle Workshop Link

Shifting Skies Games Link

StrataMax Games Link

Robot Martini Games Link

Podcast Panel Recording

Available soon at Vintage Gamer . Thanks to Jim for recording the panel!

Mail Bag

Dice Collector Link

Amazing collection of over 20,000 dice! You can almost hear Dave drooling.


I'm sure there are some other goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!

sconway's picture

and I forgot to activate the comments on the new episode page when I posted it. Whoops!

Everything seems to be working now.

A certain listener who will remain nameless (Mark Wilder) wants to let everyone know how he cheated and won every single game he played with us. The man is a machine, a game winning machine, I tell you!

Mark's good fortune was balanced by Carlos' bad karma. I lost count of the number of games we played with Carlos with the Spiel dice hanging in the balance. I think the pressure of the Spiel dice was just too much for him. :)



The Schaef's picture
No interview with Tablestar Games? Blasphemy!
sconway's picture
We have to save some for GenCon, too! :)
joeyhemlock's picture
It was so good to meet you at Origins and play a few games with you. You guys are a lot of fun to play games with and I'm enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame (if being mentioned in a podcast can be considered fame). I don't know what it was, but I had a really good weekend when it came to winning games. It was just luck, but I got such a kick out of my great draws and Dave's lousy draws in Jenseits von Theben. He couldn't win and I couldn't lose. And beating Dave at Zooloretto for the coveted Spiel Dice made my night, especially beause I had to come from behind to win it. Some people think of their Spiel Dice as a prize, but I think of mine as a trophy. Anyway, thanks again for a fun time... I doubt that I'll make it to GenCon, but I'm sure that I'll be seeing you again soon and we'll keep playing games until you guys finally win one. :) Mark Wilder(a.k.a. JoeyHemlock) Chicago IL
sconway's picture

It was great playing games with you, Mark, even if you did trounce us time and time again. You earned your dice several times over!

I guess we should count ourselves lucky you won't be there to destroy us at GenCon, but really the more listeners the merrier at any event! I'm sure our paths will cross sometime in the near future and we'll be ready for you this time.

Spiel on!


Steerpike's picture
Another great show - even though you revealed my secret identity. I look forward to the Spiel Dice - I have no idea what they look like but I have heard whispered tales (are there any images on At least I didn't have to battle you, for them, in man to man combat over the zooloretto board. That could have gotten nasty. ----------------------------------------------------------- We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games
sconway's picture

First, Congrats on winning the connection contest! See? all your crazy guesses finally paid off!

Actually, you'll be the first listener to see the second edition Spiel dice. Our very first print run of dice had some typos (The Spierl; d'oh!) and the pair of dice I had set aside for you had one of the bad dice in it. So, new dice for Steerpike! It may take a couple weeks to get the dice in and then ship them across the pond, but they're a-coming!

I think Zooloretto battle would be cool, actually. Pandas vs Kangaroos. Bring 'em on!

Spiel on!


willacarpenter's picture

I want the Pandas. I'm not chinese but I am a grown man that has a baby panda wallpaper on his cellphone.  I GET PANDAS.



scooterb23's picture
I have to say, it was cool playing a game with you guys (even though I was too incoherent to actually introduce myself). I wanted to try and stalk...*ahem!* hang out with everyone more, but my schedule really didn't allow it. :( In case you were wondering, I was the big guy who hovered over you guys and Carlos, and then begged my way into a game of Vitrail. How great is that little game by the way? Hope you guys enjoyed your time at Origins, I'm looking forward to spending a couple days back home this August (maybe if I see you guys, I'll actually say something intelligent).
sconway's picture

So you're a stealth listener! And a darn fine puzzle solver, to boot!

Another listener, Carlos, introduced us to a really fun puzzle game from France called Vitrail . Each player gets four see through square cards with small colored dots. The game involves turning over a point card with a pattern of dots. Each player has to manipulate all four cards to reproduce the pattern exactly. It is more difficult than it might sound! It's a fun race to see who can get the puzzle done first. and the goober is really top notch.

No need for stalking, we're eager to meet and play games with as many listeners as we can. Next time, don't be shy. We're just two dorks like you. except we are dorks with microphones.

Hope to see you at GenCon.

olav.mueller's picture
Hi, great show. I just wanted to chime in in order to let you know, that Railroad Dice is still available from some german online retailers. for example.
sconway's picture

Dave will be stoked to hear that. Thanks for the info, Olav! Of all the cool games we played, RR Dice was the one that he would have purchased in 2 seconds had it been available.

I regret not buying The War on Terror board game at Origins. I did not know it had found an American publisher, so I was very surprised to see it. The price tag was just a little too high for me at the moment ($50), but I am sure I'll end up with it at some point. I mean, how can you turn down a game that comes with a ski-mask with the word EVIL printed on it? :)

scooterb23's picture
The word I had is that was a British print run that they were selling on the floor (and they'll be selling it at GenCon as well apparantly). An actual US print run is scheduled for September or October. I do not know if there will be any changes. I was in the same boat as you, I really wanted to buy it...but $50 was just too much at the moment I went by their booth.
sconway's picture
From talking to the reps at Studio 2 Publishing , they are going to be distrbuting the game in the US. Until then, you'll have to go to the creator's site, TerrorBull Games . Can't wait to give this one a go sometime!
Steerpike's picture
I seem to recall that "Railroad Dice" made it onto Greg Schloesser's "Top Ten Dice Games" on a recent episode of the Dice Tower (along with Yspahan). Now my interest is really piqued and I've got to get my hands on this, too. Aargh, more money on top of the SdJ nominees ! I look forward to my "new edition" Spiel dice but can't help wondering if the first run, misprinted, dice (aka "the Spierl Dice") might be worth a few bob in the future. Perhaps you should get the DiceCollector to value them ? Incidentally, he may be good with Dice but his Web design needs a rethink. ---------------------------------------------------------- We don't stop playing games when we get old...... We get old when we stop playing games
sconway's picture

I never thought that we could be sitting on a gold mine with the Spierl dice! We'll have to figure out a good way to disperse them to "collectors" :)

The most interesting thing about Railroad Dice, to me, was that for a game with a truckload of dice, it feels much more like an abstract strategy game than a game wher luck in the chief player. Freaky but cool!

Whew are you right about The design makes me weep, but the pics are worth having your retinas burned.




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