Episode 219: Holiday Party

Release Date: Dec. 21, 2015

Running Time:    257 min

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Meat sticks and mickey fickeys. We are joined by a cavalcade of friends from around the world to celebrate the season with conversations filled with games, laughter and lots of geeky goodness.

Guests: Mark Smalley (Indianapolis, IN), Debbie Ohi (Toronto, Ont), Jeff Ridpath (Toronto, Ont), Darrell Ottery (Reading, UK), Daniel Jensen (Linkoping, Sweden), Mark Wilder (Chicago, IL), Ezra Denney, (Alameda, CA), Beth Heile (Chicago, IL), John Knoerzer (Chicago, IL), Doug Richardson (Gresham, OR), Jay Bartelt (Chicago, IL), plus Francie Broadie (Indianapolis, IN)!

Complete Show Notes continue after the break.

Cast of Characters

Jay Bartelt is a lifelong gamer and one of the organizers of the Gaming Hoopla, a non-profit game convention which raises money for cancer research.


Francie Broadie lives in the padded cell with her partner in crime, Stephen. She loves cats, knitting, folk music and makes beautiful beaded jewelry.


Noted wallflower Ezra Denney is a theatre nerd, power forward, lifelong gamer, Giants and Warriors fan. He works in the non-profit sector. He plays games at a regular meet up in the Bay Area where all are welcome.

Alameda Board Gamers

Beth Heile & John Knoerzer are part of the BGG production crew. 

BGG livestream archive

Beth is an assitive technology expert for special needs students. 

John is a licensed clinical social worker.

John's web site

Daniel Jensen is an accomplished Go player, a rhyme smithy and The Spiel's Swedish intern. He's the man behind the scenes who helps us keep the show running, especially during convention season. He's a fan of He-Man and and avid comic collector.

Swedish rhymes

Swedish Go Association


Debbie Ohi & Jeff RIdpath share a passion for fun whether through games or books or art or music. They live in Toronto.

Jeff is a technology development specialist for the Glenn Davis Group.

Debbie is an artist, writer and musician. 

Debbie's site

Where Are My Books?

Darrell Ottery and his wife Becky own Eclectic Games, located in Reading, UK. They manage the shop with help from their feline companions, including Loki (pictured). Darrell enjoys a pint, a nip of scotch and is a wizard at social deduction games. 

Eclectic Games

Doug RIchardson is an actor, driver and professional game explainer. He loves good beer, good food and loves baseball (especially the Giants). He and his wife Patty live in Gresham, Oregon. And he's close friends with Lyle Otterbein.

Portland Board Game Meetup

Mark Smalley is an avid gamer, reader and is a huge fan of roller coaster and theme parks. He also has a huge crush on game designer Tom Lehman.  

Tom Lehmann's web site

Mark Wilder is an 80 year old woman trapped in the body of a 40 year old Chicagoan. Mark's interests include contract Bridge, opera and soft foods.

Chicago Contract Brisge Assoc.

Lyric Opera of Chicago

Roscoe P. Coltrane is a Bloodhound who tends to hang out with Mark Wilder. He is an awesome dog and would appreciate your vote in 2016.

Roscoe's web site


Beer - Belgian Prankster, North Coast Brewing

Beer - Winter Beard Double Chocolate Stout

Beer - Atlantis Gose with Oyster shell & seaweed 

Beer - Lucky Buddha Beer

Mint Hot Cocoa

Water (boring... Ezra, Debbie)

Scotch - Glenmorangie

Scotch - Balvennie 12 year, double wood

Whiskey - Silver Cross Whiskey, Journeyman's Distillery


Star Wars Jar Jar theory

Star Wars mascara

The Martian Golden Globe nominations

The Martian audiobook

Spike Lee

Where do we prefer to play?

John & Beth's Chicago board game meet up

The Game Bunker

Eclectic Games


References to old stuff

Spike Jones

Card Sharks

Playdoh Fuzzy Pumper

My Favorite Martian

Snoopy Snow Cone Machine

MEGA games

Die Macher

Love Letter



Ricochet Robots

Flick 'Em Up



Knock Down Barns


Game themes we want to see

Post Apocalyptic Euro  (Raid & Trade?)

Definitive Pirate game (Santy Anno?  Merchants & Marauders? Black Fleet?)

Definitive Western game (Colt Express? Carson City?)


Utopia  (Gingkopolis?)

Games we would like to design

Post Apocalyptic Euro

Relationship Game (...and then we held hands,  Fog of Love)

Games That Teach A Skill

Beer & Pretzels Adventure Game  (Talisman, Above & Below, Robinson Crusoe, Incan Gold)

Music Game (Opera, Zombie Mosh, Thrash & Roll)

Games with Beads (Beadecked)

Bad Jokes

Why aren't turkeys allowed in church?

What do zucchinis and kangaroos have in common?

What did the football coach say to the broken vending machine?

Why did the bicycle fall over?

How do you turn a duck into a soul singer?

What is Good King Wenceslas's favorite meal?

How to snowman get around in the winter?

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

Why can't you hear a pteradactyl go to the bathroom?

What's brown and sticky?

What's red and invisible?

What's red and bad for your teeth?

What's orange and sounds like a parrot?

What do you call 50 blondes in a freezer?

What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants come running over the hill?

What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephants come running over the hill wearing sunglasses?

How do you circumsize a whale?

Noteworthy games we played in 2015


The Grizzled

Pandemic: Legacy

La Granja







Tides of Time

Knock Down Barns

Samurai Spirit

The Game

Sheriff of Nottingham

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes




Swedish Rhymes (Julklappsrim) Link

Special Thanks to Daniel Jensen for providing the rhymes!


Broom Service



Nitro Glyxerol

Things We Like 2015

Mark Wilder

What If?

Met Opera Simulcasts

Mozart in the Jungle

Sous vide cooking

Jitterbug Perfume

Groo The Wanderer

Groo The Game

Uusi playing cards

Stockholm 17 playing cards

Theory 11 playing cards

Grains of Paradise

Duke's Smoked Meats    Original Shorty Smoked Sausage  |  Spicy Shorty Sausages

Uniball Vision Elite pens

Debbie Ohi

empty punchboard sprues from games


The Night Gardener

NOT Aberlour A'Bunadh Single Malt Scotch!

Jeff Ridpath

Thing Explainer

The Sandbaggers    DVD  |  Fan Site


Walking Dead comics   Compendium One  |  Compendium Two  |  Compendium Three

Ezra Denney

Marvel Unlimited

Darth Vader comics

Darrell Ottery

Mr. Robot

The Flash


The Man in the High Castle

Beth & John

The Flash cast members sing Firefly theme

Orangutan watches a magic trick


German Kit-Kats

American bread

Literal lyric videos

Ex Machina

Mark Smalley

Musicless music videos

The Dog Stars

Dear Leader

Doug Richardson

Luke Short history

Daniel Jensen

A Man Called Owe

Rectify    Season 1  |  Season 2  |  Season 3

Ars Magica


Jessica Jones

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (tv)

Rick & Morty

Jay Bartelt

The Expanse book series  |  Scifi TV series

The Girl with all the Gifts

Spielbound game cafe

Francie Broadie



Duma Key

The Eyes of the Dragon

Sacre Bleu


Green Arrow / Green Lantern comics

Fargo   Season 1  |  Season 2

The Wheel of Time

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (book)


Music credits include:

Yulesville USA   by Billy Lee Riley   |  the song

Ding Dong Dandy Xmas   by The Three Suns  |  the song

O Tannenbaum  Christmas Memories Played on Antique Music Boxes

I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek  by The Go Go's  |  the song

Mambo Santa Mambo  by The Enchanters  |  the song

Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake  by The Irish Rovers  |  the song


I'm sure there are some goofs in there somewhere. Let us know if (when?) you find one!