Site Structure/Suggestions

Howdy, folks.

I 've been working on the site (most behind the scenes stuff), so I thought I would post a forum topic to let you know what's in the works.

I have finally made a breakthrough in my efforts to move all the show notes to the new site. It will still take some time to do, but I now have a method in place that should make the work less challenging and time consuming than before Hooray!

I have decided to add a new block called Segments to the left column. This block will contain sections for The List, Back Shelf Spotlight, Truckloads of Goober, and Game Sommelier. You'll find comprehensive lists of the games we cover over time on the show. We'll also have a list of all the games in our Collection (the one's we have played)

This list of played and unplayed games will have several new features on the new site. Instead of being just an alphabetized title list, we'll have links to Board Game Geek for information and links to stores where you can buy the games. There are a couple of other super secret features to the lists that I'll save for later posts. Stay tuned!

We'll post a new Poll every week for you to vote or comment on. And once we're more at ease with the way the site works, we'll probably post announcements or items of note in between episodes, too.

Feel free to post ideas or suggestions or reactions to the site as it begins to fill up with gamey goodness!




I love the new site. I look forward to it's official launch.

I don't think that it really needs any more bells and whistles yet, but if you are looking for things to add:

BGG has a new widget which can display the last recent games that you have played.

It would be interesting to see what games hit yours and Dave's tables throughout the week. (Of course, this would require you update your BGG playlist on a regular basis) No big deal, as I would much rather listen to your well crafted podcast.

Thanks for rekindling my excitement in gaming!


Hey Matthan.

Thanks for the feedback! I think, in a way, each episode of The Spiel serves as a way for everyone to know what we're playing and what games are on our minds. I'd also like to use The List (both played and unplayed) to serve that purpose, too.

Your idea of keeping people informed about the games we're playing is a great one. I just think it will be less work for us to find a way to do it through the functions of the new site instead of the BGG widget. I may change my mind, but right now I think that's where we're at.

Glad to help get you jazzed about games.If The Spiel does that for anyone, then I think our mission is succeeding.

Spiel on!


Whether it's the role of a die, the turn of a card, or the flip of a tile, you don't have to play to win, you just have to play!

Great site thus far; I'm glad you took my suggestion a long time back of adding a forum!

This is a very good looking site. Whose is your web host?

Thanks, Kevin.

I do all the design work myself, so I appreciate the kudos. I'm getting ready to tweak the site design some very soon as my time allows.

As for my web host, I also hope to find a new home for The Spiel because I have grown very unhappy with our current hosting provider, Ipower has been sold and then sold again within the last year or so and the quality of their service has suffered tremendously. Problems used to be rare and easy to fix. Now problems happen frequently and just getting the support people to respond to a request can take days if not weeks. Grr! Just this past week, The Spiel site has been crashing over night because ipower is capping the maximum number of connections users can have to the database that runs everything. When this happens the site collapses. Not good!

All this is a very long way of saying I would NOT recommend our current host, to you or anyone.

I use an open source content manangement system called Drupal to help run the site.
If anyone knows of a good host that is 1. affordable and 2. Drupal-friendly please drop me a line: .

Probably WAY more information than you wanted. But you asked.... :)

Spiel on!